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  • A few hours ago on 14 Nov 2012 I could not log in to my WordPress admin which did not recognise either the name or password – not sure which was not recognised. My site no longer appears by my usual direct route or via Google.

    Only a blank page with ‘hacked by hacker’ appears.

    I am using the WordPress forum to look for solution but would appreciate any advice or suggestions – maybe you have seen this before.

    Contacted my host for advice but snails never travel fast!

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  • I delete the following folders: cgi-bin, wp-admin, and wp-includes

    No. Leave cgi-bin alone. It has nothing to do with WordPress.

    Where from, and how, do I then upload the WordPress into public_html?

    You can download a fresh copy from
    Unpack the downloaded archive, open the wordpress folder and then start uploading it’s content – deleting each file in the public_html folder before you upload the fresh one.

    Should I open a new folder in cpanel where I can download and open the new WordPress. Then I can delete and copy the new versions into public_html.

    Whatever works for you is fine.

    Having a lot of trouble with this. I have WP on my PC but I cannot delete any folders for wp-admin or wp-includes from my cpanel file manager.

    Do I simply empty files from those folders and refill them with the new version?

    I cannot delete any folders for wp-admin or wp-includes from my cpanel file manager

    Why not? Have you tried using FTP?

    @secretfocus, they may have messed with your file permissions. If you go in via ftp and right click on either of those folders, and click on “file permissions”, what does it show you?

    Never used FTP or got an account, so here goes!

    OK. I think I have just managed to set up a new FTP account with FileZilla but cannot see anything to click beyond my own PC. I can’t see anything remotely like the file manager.

    The box titled ‘remote site’ is completely empty but does have a folder icon with /. What do I do now?

    @secretfocus – unfortunately I don’t think you are going to be able to do this on your own. If you want I can take a quick look to see what’s going on. You can send me an email to michael at endlesspoetry dot com if you like.

    Did you obtain your FTP login details from your hosts?

    Latest: I have managed to delete the wp-admin folder from my cpanel file manager and can do the same for wp_includes – but not yet. However, the upload system will net let me upload a replacement folder – it only seems to permit the upload of individual files. Do I have to this file after file to rebuild the wp-admin folder?

    YES – I got the FTP details from HostPapa

    @secretfocus – to do it via the file manager, zip them up, upload the zip, then unzip them using the file manager. Make sure that you can see both folders in the zip file at the top level (ie. when you open it you can see both wp-admin and wp-includes without having to go into any other folders), upload it so that it is at the same level where wp-config.php is, click on the zip file, then click the Extract button at the top.

    @secretfocus – also, your main ftp credentials should be the same as your cpanel login, for future reference.

    Have you created a new site in FileZilla and added your ftp login details?

    @mvandemar I don’t see wp-config. UPDATE _ Found it.

    @esmi I added the ftp credentials copied from HostPapa.

    So are you able to login to your site using FTP?

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 47 total)
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