• A few hours ago on 14 Nov 2012 I could not log in to my WordPress admin which did not recognise either the name or password – not sure which was not recognised. My site http://www.secretfocus.co.uk no longer appears by my usual direct route or via Google.

    Only a blank page with ‘hacked by hacker’ appears.

    I am using the WordPress forum to look for solution but would appreciate any advice or suggestions – maybe you have seen this before.

    Contacted my host for advice but snails never travel fast!

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  • My guess is you are hosting with either NetRegistry or HostPapa, in which case those solutions won’t keep you safe, unfortunately. They are blaming it on a WordPress vulnerability but the evidence is much stronger to it being an insecurity with their servers. The fix is simple enough, replace the index.php in your root and in your theme with backups (or from a fresh WordPress zip in the case of the root directory one), but until they acknowledge and fix whatever the security hole is you might just get hit again.

    @mvandemar Thanks for the info

    One more thing. I’ve replaced the index.php and replaced the Header file with a backup.
    But I still can’t access the dashboard.. it states my email or username might not be on file.. I’m with hostpapa.

    How do I fix this?

    every couple of days when I log into my account somebody sets up a USER ID and password for themselves and post stories about ‘coach handbags ” on my site like its real…I have updated , changed passwords multiple times but it keeps happening…any help would be appreciated!..Network solutions is my server BTW

    @mrnra420 – go in to your database through the phpmyadmin in cpanel and look at the wp_users table. If they switched the admin username and email, edit the record to switch it back and then go through the Lost Password function on the WP login page.

    Also, if you don’t mind, could you please check which version of phpmyadmin HostPapa is using and update this thread with that info? Thanks.

    @jbusacca – there are too many things that could be going on. I would suggest switching hosts for one (I prefer Hostgator, but there are others that work as well), and then going through the links that esmi posted above. One of those is my blog, if you get stuck and need more help feel free to contact me.

    @jbusacca: It is impolite to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread with a question of your own and it causes significant problems for the forum’s volunteers. Please post your own topic.

    @mvandemar They seem to be using phpMyAdmin (is that what you wanted?)

    It worked!! All the posts are still there too.. 🙂

    I know some people might hate hackers.. but in away, they keep you on your toes and force you to learn more then you would have..

    Thanks again

    Now to backup…

    @secretfocus – by the way, the same instructions I gave to mrnra420 should work for you as well.

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    @esmi & @mvandemar Thanks for the help and my site is on HostPapa who say “in your case we have realize that the exploit currently only replaced the index.php, index.html files, modified or replaced the header.php file of the active theme and changed the administrator password”.

    HP say I should use the “forgot my password” option to get a new administrator p/w, reinstall WP and the theme. When I tried to get a new p/w it tells me my user name is invalid.

    As someone very inexperienced with this sort of thing I am confused before I start so all help will be appreciated.

    I do have access to the cPanel so will try to switch users in phpmyadmin.

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    I have managed to log in to my dashboard – thanks for that.

    Bearing in mind my low level of expertise.

    Q1. How do I reinstall WordPress to replace the index.php in the root – or is there another SIMPLE way to do this?

    Q2. HostPapa say I need to replace the wp-content/wpthemes/<theme-name>/header.php file. How do I do this?

    Re-upload a fresh copy of the theme to wp-content/themes.

    How do I reinstall WordPress to replace the index.php in the root

    Re-upload all files & folders – except the wp-content folder – from a fresh download of WordPress. Make sure that you delete the old copies of files & folder before uploading the new ones.

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    Thanks esmi. I know what I need to do – I need to know how to do it for both WordPress and the Sixhours theme.

    For example. do I go into my cpanel and delete sixhours – there is no delete facility through my dashboard unless I load a different theme to replace it.

    The same applies to WordPress – do I delete it and then install it again?
    This seems a bit extreme!!!

    do I go into my cpanel and delete sixhours


    The same applies to WordPress – do I delete it and then install it again?

    You delete and then re-upload all files & folders – except the wp-content folder, your wp-config.php file and any .htaccess files – from a fresh download of WordPress.

    This seems a bit extreme!!!

    This is what’s needed to recover from a hack. Have you checked for any hacker back doors yet?

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    Just to clarify: In cpanel File manager, Public FTP Root, public_html I delete the following folders: cgi-bin, wp-admin, and wp-includes

    NEED TO KNOW: Where from, and how, do I then upload the WordPress into public_html?

    Sorry if I seem a bit useless but I have never had to do this before and I don’t want to create a worse situation!

    I have not checked for ‘hacker back doors’ yet. My head is still spinning with the above. HOW DO I DO THIS?

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