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  • Hello

    I have a self hosted blog at

    I came home a week or two ago to find my website had been hacked, deleted and had left a hackers message. While I was able to reupload a backup of my blog with no content loss, when I attempt to use WordPress it does not recognise my username.

    I have all the documentation to prove this website is mine including the initial emails from wordpress.

    How would I go about having my WordPress account reinstalled (or recreated) so I’m able to post again?

    Thank you in advanced

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  • Thank you, however; this is no longer password related.

    After the hack, my username is no longer identified as the admin. I now have no dashboard and all i see is my profile. On the outside my website is fully functional and all pages work as normal, however; behind the scenes I’m not longer able to update or make any changes.

    What should I do?

    As a visitor your site seems to be OK. I found the poll missing in one of your earliest archives. Looks like possibly you have some plugins missing too.

    Get your host tech support to give/assign a new username and password. Or as you have a back up you may want to reinstall WP – the version you were using before and not the latest version. Do you have a backup of the database? If that WP version works you may want to upgrade to the latest version and install a security plugin.

    Actually, if you have backup of database and files, considering that we do not know how smart the hackers were, you may want to delete … be very careful here … everything and restore your backup database and install WP based upon the restored database. Ask your host tech support to help you if you are not sure. Then reinstall your plugins one by one.

    What should I do?

    It is user and password related. You need to take back control of the default wordpress admin account. You should revisit the information in the links esmi provided. As the web site owner, you (should) have access to the control panel on your web hosting account. Using the tutorial esmi pointed you to, you can change the admin account without needing any access to your site. The changes you make with phpMyAdmin are done at your web hosts control panel, not from your wordpress dashboard.

    Thanks guys. I think I’m out of my depths here and will need to contact my tech support.

    I’ve just suffered the same fate as AnthonyMagro with my WordPress user account having been deleted. I’ve followed esmi’s link relating to using phpMyAdmin to open my wp_users table in my wordpress database. My Wordpres userid is acehimself so I was expecting to see acehimself as the first user but I dont, instead I see admin as the user id. I am reluctant to change password for admin in here (as described in esmi’s first link) in case I worsen the problem. Can anyone please help me?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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