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    my site’s right column is shifted to the right. this is what a forum member found:

    when I look at the source code of your linked site in the browser (‘View’ -> ‘Source’ or ‘rightmouseclick – View Page Source’ or similar at the browser toolbar) I see the line at the very top. (some html code that shouldn’t be there.

    because IE is quite sensitive to anything disturbance before the DOCTYPE declaration, it shows your site shifted to the left and the sidebar lower down…

    Firefox shows the site fine.

    apart from pointing to the codex resources about being hacked, unfortunately I can’t help

    – but when you post a new topic with ‘hacked’ in the title, you are likely to attract some more help.

    So, i need help, in order to get ride of this code, hopefully. Any help?

    Blessings to any input!


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    Either your theme’s header file is corrupted, or there’s a script that injects the offending html after WP sends headers and before any content is sent. May not even be a WP hack, could be a .htaccess hack. Check for any code you haven’t put there.

    Follow basic hacking response, change all your passwords, backup your site and database for possible forensic analysis. Worst case, you may need to do a clean install and restore your database from a backup done before this attack. When could be hard to determine since the text is normally hidden from view.

    Surgically removing the hack can be very difficult, some hacks are very sneaky, and just as with cancer, if you don’t get it all, it’ll be back. And even if you can clean your site, you need to prevent it from happening again, how did they get in in the first place? Scan your computer for trojans and keyloggers. If you’re on a shared host, the attack may have come from another account.

    Holy Mackerel!

    Thanks for the help.

    My fault for making my user name and password so obvious.


    I had the exact same line of coded just added to my site as well. Trying to figure out where it is. Let me know if you find it. I’ve contacted my hosts as well.

    Looks like your site may have been hacked. Now days most attackers don’t even bother attempting to brute force logins/passwords because there are much easier ways to exploit your site and get what they need.

    If you view source on your homepage, above everything is a line:

    <div style="display: none"><a href="http://beachplastic.com/">How do you get pregnant</a></div>

    I highly doubt that is suppose to be there. It only showed up on your homepage, so check your index.php as well as your themes index.php for either that line – or a line that will look jumbled with a “base64…” in front of it and remove it.

    Thanks, i didn’t even get an email about this last post. THANKS SO MUCH. I can’t do a thing with my blog 🙁

    I’ll report back !

    Over and out for now !


    Question, since I don’t host the site, how do i get access to the index.php of my homepage or my header?



    Looks like your site is hosted at godaddy. Do you have an account there or do you have a developer that is hosting it for you? If you have a developer, contact them and have them fix it.

    If not, you may need to contact goDaddy to get your account info. You will need FTP access to your account (minimum – SSH is better) to get to the files and clean them out.

    Thanks! i’ll call them, they’ve got great support – i know they’ll get it fixed!


    but when you post a new topic with ‘hacked’ in the title, you are likely to attract some more help.

    So you put hacked in the title of the thread just to get more help? Is this is true you don’t belong in this forum.

    BTW, your html is messed up with double entries, etc. most likely because you have or had 2 or 3 SEO plugins.

    i’m sorry i’m not sure what you’re getting at. i am a member of this forum, it says so below my picture – how else would I be able to log in?

    It was suggested that i put hacked as the title, i imagine to make it clear what the issue was, and yes, to get some help. Isn’t that okay? I sure don’t want to break any forum rules. really. so please educate me on etiquette.

    In the meantime, with your help, i finally got the problem fixed. My blog looks great!

    I had to do a 30 day restore, so I never really did find where the code was, but if the restore didn’t work, going into my index.php was the next step.

    thanks to all of you!



    He’s just some grumpy old troll. Perhaps with his rude remarks he doesn’t belong in the forum. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask – notice he was the only one that had an issue. Perhaps someone pee’d in his cornflakes this morning.

    And YOU are the one who got me out of this mess! xoxoxo

    Thanks for the help. I only hope i can help others out someday.


    It was suggested that i put hacked as the title, i imagine to make it clear what the issue was, and yes, to get some help. Isn’t that okay?

    It certainly is if you were really hacked. On first read I had the idea you just put hacked to draw attention to your problem which wasn’t a hack.
    Glad you are back up and running.

    i will show this issue as “resolved” 🙂

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