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  • Contact host, start changing passwords, verify that he’s using the latest version of WP available.

    my site has also been hacked at least 5 times – each time the mysql database has either been deleted or changed. i am using the latest wordpress and have repeatedly changed my user name and passord a number of times.

    i reported the issue to my host ( – they are quite big with over 80 000 customers) and this is what they say:

    Your php application is leaving an open
    door for hackers to enter the site
    since some of your files are set
    to the required 777 permissions.

    You can try researching a more secure
    blog application or one that does not
    required permissions above 700.

    appreciate any help as i really would like to keep wordpress but obviously need to secure it to prevent hacking


    You can keep WP – just don’t keep files/folders world writable (=chmod 666 or 777).

    nice to hear that but one of the plugins i have (to create a google sitemap) requires 2 files it creates to store the sitemap, to have chmod 666. this also applies to the backup plugin – what do i do about that if i want to keep the plugins?



    I don’t know. Maybe don’t leave those files/folder ALL the time with those permissions?
    (I don’t use them, so I am bit out of ideas)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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