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    Use phpmyadin.

    and maybe NOW is a good time to upgrade your blog.

    2.1 is 4 months old and there have been innumerable security issues that have been discussed here and on here:

    Hmm, well thanks for the help but I’m really confused. I have no clue how to even install phpMyAdmin and I dont even use MySQL.

    you may want to contact your host then. Most hosts already have it installed. Maybe they can either let you know how to access it or maybe they can help to reset your password.



    Marque, does your host offer cpanel? If so, phpMyAdmin is accessible though a small text link at the bottom of your MySQL page.

    And yeah, do upgrade ASAP.

    Alright so I’ve contacted my host, but haven’t heard back yet. Also, I’ve upgraded to the latest version of wordpress. I still can’t log in…

    But I do think that my host offers cpanel…but I dont know about MySQL.



    Okay, well log into your cpanel, and you should see a bank of buttons. ‘MySQL’ should be in there; usually in the third row, third column. Click on it, and then scroll to the very bottom of the page. There should be a small text link for phpMyAdmin.

    Once in phpMyAdmin, choose your wordpress database from the dropdown menu on the left hand side. Then select the ‘wp_users’ table from the list that will appear below the drop down menu. You can edit the user_pass field from there.

    This wiki will probably help.



    Okay, that might be a little difficult, since the distinct value you see in phpMyAdmin is a scrambled version of the password.

    I’m a newbie at this, so I don’t know if this will work, but changing the value to ‘21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3’ should set the password to ‘admin’–I think–. Log in immediately and change the password.

    Go to this web site:

    Enter your password and click on the MD5 button. Then, copy the result in phpMyadmin.

    Marque, I’m sorry to hear your trouble. Here are a couple of simple suggestions.

    (1) Use special characters and Greek letters, lower and upper case letters to make up a password for your admin login to WordPress blog as well as your control panel with your hosting company. Some control panels do let you use Greek letters. Others don’t. That all depends on the hosting company even for the control panel developed by the same company.

    (2) Destroy the domain. or whatever it is… Contact the domain company through which this domain is registered.

    (3) By the way, you may want to back up database with phpAdmin like other guys say and then reinstall WP.

    Good luck

    Tom Bluewater

    Alright, guys. Thanks a whole lot. All of that worked and now I am into my dashboard again. I changed my password (even though it was already very secure), changed my email address back, and upgraded wordpress. I also contacted the site that the domain, is registered too which is Hopefully they will do something about it.

    Haha, but now I have another problem after upgrading, my dashboard is all messed up…but Ill have to make another topic for that one.

    By the way, what should I CHMOD my directories and files to?

    Wow, I just noticed they erased all my pages too. That makes me furious.




    directorys: 755
    files: 644

    Thanks. This can be marked as resolved I guess. I dont have any hacker related problems as of now, except that all my pages are gone and my dashboard doesnt work…


    If you set the permission of a directory to 711, the folder structure will be disclosed, just for your info…

    I had this same problem and I just wanted to let all of you intelligent people know that YOU ARE MY HEROES.

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