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  • Just want to ask if there is a known source of this site hacking problem we are having. Mainly on sites which have been ‘given over’ to clients to maintain themselves and they haven’t updated !

    I have spoken to Namesco where most of the sites are being hosted on, they suggested updating (which I did – some sites not on php5 so have done that too.) and stripping the hacking script out , which I have done. i have also looked any plugins that were on the sites. And made sure the was an api secret key added (so that it forces a re-log in).

    Looking at plugins on the sites which were hacked, I cannot see any common ones, could they be getting in through TinyMCE Advanced, I have de-activated it.

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  • Just thought you might be interested in a similar problem that I have been investigating.

    I don’t use WordPress, but have several sites built on Joomla. One of these suffered problems two weeks ago, the main thing being a script called easystats analytics.

    Most of my sites are hosted by Fasthosts and are all OK. However, the site which was affected is not with Fasthosts, but Namesco!

    Coincidence? I’m not convinced. I think I’ll have a word with Namesco and see what they have to say.

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