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  • I have searched these forums and have found other people with the same problem but have not found a resolution. I think I know HOW to fix it, but I lack the PHP knowledge to get the job done. I’m hoping one of you can help.

    I’m trying to use the post by e-mail feature of WordPress to automate the posting of daily podcast episodes. I’m using other software to record, name, and upload the episodes. Someone else maintains an online database (created with FileMaker Pro) to provide episode information in advance. Each night, FileMaker Pro sends an e-mail message with the data about the podcast to WordPress. This works beautifully, like a well-rehearsed symphony. Record, save, upload, create post, publish post, generate feed. All without me doing a thing. That’s kind of nice, since I’m doing the web work as an unpaid volunteer for a low-budget radio station. (

    The only problem arises when WordPress imports the e-mail message. The message contains a link to the podcast episode, which is required by FeedBurner to properly format the feed for podcasting. Although the original message only includes line feeds at the end of lines, WordPress is inserting a space and a line feed (in that order) in the middle of the URL, thus rendering it useless for my needs. I have to manually edit each entry so that the link works. I cannot easily make the link much shorter than it is.

    I believe the problem is caused by the way PHP handles e-mail. I think the following information might be helpful in fixing the problem by somehow incorporating it in wp-mail.php:

    However, as I said earlier, I have no idea how to implement this since I have very limited knowledge of PHP.

    For those of you who work with PHP daily, this SHOULD be a piece of cake. I AM WILLING TO PAY FOR A SOLUTION (although I think the hack would be a welcome improvement to the post by e-mail feature for all WordPress users).

    And yes, I have tried Postie. It replaces the line break with a second space character. This does not solve the problem and the Postie author doesn’t seem very responsive to feedback. (Like the rest of us, I’m sure he’s busy with other things.)

    Any takers on this offer? Please?

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