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  1. sabinou
    Posted 8 years ago #


    With wordpress 2.5 any of the archives plugins I tested failed to work, so for now i'm forced to use the basic default "archives" template. Ugly, but working, at last :-/

    But, to be honest, I have forgotten the way to hack particular pages to impose them special rules.
    I'd love my archives page ( root/2008/03/ , for instance, you see the idea) to show more than the default number of items per page.

    At them moment, with my default 6 posts per page and ugly previous / next links at the bottom, my archives are globally useless - I'm posting 45 blog notes per month in average...

    Thanks a lof if you can tell me how I can force the archives page (loaded by archive.php) to display another number of posts per page :)

  2. Edit your template file (archive.php in this case?) and add this code before The Loop:


    Replace 10 with whatever you like, of course.

  3. sabinou
    Posted 8 years ago #

    My thanks to you, Otto :)

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