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  • is there any hack similar to textamericas moblog?
    I tried using the post via mail feature, but that doesnt even work with my email program for me, how do I get it working with a mobile phone???
    BTW, I am using 1.2 beta.

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  • Hi there
    I would like to ask if there has been any news about a moblogging script, i.e. blogging by e-mail with picture attachment support, fetching e-mails from a pop3 server. I am not familiar with PHP (with CSS either, if you threw an eye on my site).
    I registered an account at and display the latest picture on my WP blog by using a script provided by But I am quite unhappy with that “solution”, for the layout is not customizeable and people are forced to display ads on their moblog.
    Blogging to WordPress (1.2) via E-Mail is working perfectly ( = E-Mails are evaluated by wp-mail.php, deleted from the pop3 server and instantly displayed on the blog), as long as I do not want do include a picture file.
    I had even no problems to blog via MIDlog, which is a J2ME program for any Java enabled cellular phone and is using WP’s xmlrpc . But here again: no pics!
    I took a look at Pivot (php blogging application) and they use an interesting approach: Pivot users volunteer to act as gateway servers. So you can send your MMS to one of these centralized e-mail addresses, and then there is obviously a script which uploads the mail contents to your blog. Even images.
    It may be an older question but please let me know if there is something (plugin, hack, etc.) in the pipeline.
    Thank you very much
    Greets from Switzerland

    There’s a modified wp-email.php script (blog by email). This modified script allows multiple attachments of photos and/or other file types and puts them in their proper directory. Works great.

    Thanks lane, I will try that!
    This Forum is great!

    How’s this coming for you, torch? I’m using that modified wp-mail script, but I can’t seem to attach photos from my Nokia 3650… Is anyone else out there wanting to photoblog/moblog? There doesn’t seem to be much interest in doing this in WordPress out there…. sigh!

    by e-mail it worked, but not with by nokia 3200 phone. Needs some further investigation at my place

    I just added WordPress support to my mobile weblogging service, Feel free to help me iron out any kinks by testing it out. Both text and photo posts are supported (the photos are hosted on the server for now).

    I like the airblogging model, and it works fine from my mobile phone–but I’m having a problem when trying to use it to post by email *not* using the phone. I know this is not what airblogging is designed to do, but I was hoping to be able to use my regular email. I change the “phone alias” to my regular email address, and posts do go through and get posted to my blog–but if I have no photo, the text gets posted. If I attach a photo, the text does not get posted–although the photo does.
    Any ideas?
    The regular wordpress post-by-email, as well as the hacked wp-mail version, are not working for me–I’m getting this Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in wp-includes/template-functions-category.php error that so many others are reporting.

    I’ve used this on my site & it works fine but i’d like to konw how to coustomise it so I can have alayout of photo tiles like in Text America site. Any one got any hints?

    pitiful and lame attempts

    I finally enabled airblogging to post photos to the WordPress user’s server:

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