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  • I am now administrating a website and I have some problems with h1 tag, I don’t know where to modify it to be visible for Google. The theme used is Deep Focus from elegant themes and is a litle bit modified unlike the other themes. If anyone could help me regarding this issue, I would apreciate it. A web analyzer is telling me this: “The target keyword don’t exists as phrase in the first H3 tag” From what I know, I should change H1, from other posts some people said that to modify h2 into h1 or “whatever” into h1. I am a litle bit confused, Help!

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  • Your h1 tag is always visible to Google as long as your page is public. I checked out your site, and there doesn’t seem to be an H1 tag on the front page. It’s usually best practices, on the homepage, to put the title of your site inside an H1 tag.

    On post pages, make the title of the post an H1 tag.

    Where exactly to put my title to apear in h1 in front page? I have h1 in many files like: single.php, page.php, page-template-portofolio, page-sitemap, page-search, page-login, page-galery, page-full, page-contact, page-blog, scripts, no-results (all have extension php), the word h1 is found 2 times in each one of these pages. Please tell me where to modify, from what i know i should modify it just in one place

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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