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  • I was searching on google and youtube how to puts h1 header and i see its easy but problem is i cant find h1 in my header.php , m using clear basic theme and its really hard,if i had Windows XP on my computer i would just search inside .php files but i have win7 so search sucks…

    Can someone help me where i can find h1 in that theme or atleast where to put it?

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  • And here I thought one of the best features of Windows 7 was search (not alone on this)..look in your CSS file for what is H1.

    I searched and i saw on youtube that there are 2 meanings of h1

    there is h1 in header
    and there is h1 in post (bold and big words)

    H1 is blog title, H2 is page/post title (in header). Good themes allow for them to be switched and styled with CSS…ie., in SEO and on what appears in the tab in your browser, H1 first or H2 first and it is styled with CSS…

    Ok,how i can set h1 blog title and h2 in page/post title in header?

    Can you explain me that?

    I found h1-h7 in style.css but thats all

    See this Codex article on this subject.

    h1 is no longer only for your site title @haki1988, depending on your theme

    If your theme uses html5 (which themes are using more and more, such as twentyeleven) then your earlier post is correct

    Your site title can be an h1, as can the title of each post

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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