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  • I am looking for some help with WordPRess. I am int he process of moving a clients website, and even with my experience its proving to be a nightmare.

    Trying to move away from WP Engine, I assume the clients have financial motivations other than the SEO ones they claim they will get with direct integration, I personally find them to dictatorial, too many restrictions, no backup plugins, optimization plugins or image compression plugins.
    Trying to just move that database was a 3 day chore, the things so badly corrupt I lost 2 tables, managed to restore 300 more posts than what we have, and lost 40k comments.

    My problem is the media library, google is not helping with this, There area about 5 years worth of images and WPE uses a retarded non-standard storage structure, so between the dodgy database, new folder structure and new url structure the media library is mostly screwed.
    This would not be much of a problem if it was not for WP’s differences in handling post images and featured images. All the posts pick up their images quite fine as they are in the correct patch structure for the urls, the featured image on the other hand works somehow differently so its not picking up the images in their path structure.

    Now the urls are all correct for these images, but I cannot seem to find any reference to a directory structure for these images, I tried as a test using the thumbnail re-gen and it cannot find any images in their”original” location, even after I recreate the original path structure from WPE. I can see the broken image images in the media library so the database references are work at least to an extent

    Does anybody know of a way to rebuild the Media Library or update the directory paths so that the images can be detected again completely.

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