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  • h MAG is a high end luxury magazine for the Hoboken market. We print 15,000 copies that are placed in every room at The W Hotel, delivered to every doorstep in town, distributed to over 100 retail establishments and handed out at the Path and Ferry stops. The first issue was just released and we are receiving tremendous feedback.

    Built with WordPress MU and BuddyPress.

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  • The site looks unique and advanced. And your description here sounds like fun to me. Great!

    Stylish, trendy, urbane . . . the perfect compliment for Hoboken (I say that as a lifelong New Yorker who aspires to to stylish, trendy and urbane . . .). My only complaint is a small one. The leading on the body type is so tight I find it a strain to read alot of text, especially on the black background.

    Otherwise, a clearly professional and solid offering!

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ve increased the leading a bit, especially on the articles sections.. I hope it’s a bit easier on the eyes now.

    We were just included in the WordPress showcase. Thank you so much for the inclusion and for voting for us. There’s going to be a significant interface lift shorly following our second issue release.

    [sig moderated]

    Noticed the site in the showcase, after just taking a quick look at the site, I can only say killer UI on the homepage.

    Makes me want to know some of the secrets, does it use the regular WP or the multi-user setup, and also was it built on a framework.
    Fabulously done then man!

    Sorry guess if I’ld of read the showcase bio before jumping out, I’ld of known it uses MU and buddypress. Looks like you folks stacked the deck, nice job!
    Who’s the WP guru to attribute some of the knock out features then?

    Thanks tzmedia 🙂

    I initially started building the site with WordPress, however, after discovering the potential of BuddyPress, I converted my template over to WordPress MU and began the pain-stacking process of rewriting a lot of the key components of BuddyPress in order to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the original site.

    It looks though as I’ll have to start from scratch again since the next version of BP is getting a major upgrade. I’m anxious to get started, however I’m waiting for BP 1.2 to get through its beta phase.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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