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  • Hi there,

    we’re using GYS themed categories to display different themes depending on active blog category. We’d also like to use different sidebars per theme. But as so far, if we put in a specific register_sidebar in functions.php of theme b, as long as theme a is the active theme for the start page, the specific sidebar won’t display in theme b. Only if you also register the specific sidebar in functions.php of the stadard theme, it will also display in theme b. Meaning: you’ll have to re-integrate the modifications of functions.php file on any update of theme a (which is 2011) and you’ll have to manage all sidebars for all themes in theme a. Would be much better if there was a possibility to first siwtch active theme to theme b,and then edit it’s sidebars.

    Anyone an idea how to achieve this?


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    This may not help, you may already know this, but…

    You can protect your custom modifications to a theme from being lost during an update by creating a child theme.

    However, depending on the nature of the modifications, it may not be possible port them all to a child theme.

    Sorry I can’t positively answer your question, I know nothing about the details of how themes are actually switched. There may be a theme activated action or something that you could hook to register sidebars?

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