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    form isnn’t validating on html pages at all.

    This plugin is brand new – it was completely rebuilt for WP 3.3. The developer said that the form is designed to work on html pages as well as WordPress pages. You have to add javascript code to html page to make it work.

    I’ve been able to get the autoresponder code to work on WordPress — it validates the form fields and the follow-up emails work. For example, if the name field is blank it returns this error: Sorry, Name field must be 2 characters minimum.
    The plugin has a captcha option but I never use it because I use Wangguard anti-spam plugin.

    However, the autoresponder code doesn’t work on external (non-Wordpress) pages at all. The autoresponder form isn’t validating at all. For instance, I have just the name and email fields and when I click the SUBMIT button without adding name & email address and I’m taken to my website’s index page. There’s a javascript that must be added to the <head> tag of the html page for the form to work — view it here:

    I’ve submitted tech support tickets to autoresponder-gwa but they are not responsive at all. Could someone tell me what’s wrong with the validation code?

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  • Between the <head> and </head> tags on the html page with the subscription form add the javascript that appears on the Help Page of the Plugin and the subscription form code as it appears in the HTML Editor.

    If everything is done correctly the js will prevent submitting empty fields in the form.

    It works!

    I doublechecked that the Form # was the same in the javascript header code and in the actual form code in the body.

    Last week, the form # was the same in both places but the form didn’t validate.

    FYI: In addition to the Form # matching, be sure that the raw javascript displays in the html page. I had added the javascript code to a .js file and added the following code on the html page:

    <script src="checkform3.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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