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  • This change is for better future. The things that you can do in classic editor can also be done in block editor but thing that you can do in block editor cannot be done in classic editor. This brings so much richness to the content like grid etc to give visual editing experience. Initially I was also worried like simple paragraphs need a new block, but it is very seamless just up and down key to navigate block and just click /(slack) to select the block you want to add and there are so many keyboard shortcuts to make it more seamless.

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  • Sorry, but thats not true.
    We are talking ordinary code output from what ever editor you choose to use.
    Gutenberg just puts a lot of excess cream on top of what should be simple.

    I agree with SouthBloom. I tried it for 4-5 days and hated it, I have tried it twice since. I think I have given it a far try and can honestly say if this becomes part of core, on update there are going to be a lot of very dissatisfied WP users. If people want this there are a lot of plugins to use, and to be honest they all do it a lot better than this.

    Andrew Nevins


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    @ausrogersmith, @southbloom, This is someone’s experience of Gutenberg and is not to be disagreed with or falsified.

    But it wasn’t just a review, the title was clearly a comment on other people’s experiences expressed in their reviews.

    So where’s the Moderator criticism of this review for “falsifying” other users’ experiences?

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