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  • Carl Fox


    Hi All,

    I am a developer and administrator of many WordPress sites.

    I have a really annoying issue I wish to raise, the Guttenberg Tips Pop-Up’s!

    As a developer, and I suspect there are a lot of developers like me, I have all my browsers set to clear Cache & Cookies when they are restarted.

    This means that EVERY time I open a page/post for any reason, I get the dreaded Guttenberg Tips/Welcome Pop-Ups – this is incredibly annoying when dealing with the ammount of sites I deal with.

    Surely, given that so many users would be Devs/Admins, there should be a really simple way to disable this behavior?

    Also, how can we disable the automatic Fullscreen editing mode – again, this behaviour is not ideal and just leads to additional uneccessary screen clicks – a most frustrating thing for us Dev’s.

    There used to be a tick box in the Options panel to disable Tips, and while this was not a solution for me due to it being a browser based setting (and therfore cleaned/reset when I restarted browser) it would at least work for a session – now, though, that appears to be gone – I am using WP 5.5.1 across all sites.

    I do not want to use another Plugin to resolve these issues, I firmly believe this is a core functionality that is lacking in current implementations.

    Can someone please clarify the situation for me? Am I just missing something? Are there plans to resolve this?

    I live in hope, yours frustratedly,


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  • Joy


    Hi Carl,
    There was a lot of discussion right before the 5.4 release that made the change for the Fullscreen default. A lot of us were against it, but Matt wanted it, so here we are. I think it was supposed to be revisited, for the storage to be in the database instead of the browser storage, but I haven’t heard any more about it. Please submit a ticket (or search for one), because it’s been long enough! Today is Beta release for 5.6, so it won’t make it in time for 5.6.

    I don’t follow the editor issues closely enough to know when they changed the Tips popup, but that should also be in the database, like the older option for Visual or Text mode of Classic editor is. Perhaps it would go on the same ticket?

    There is a plugin-solution to your problem here:

    As a matter of fact, I totally agree with Carl on this point. I have this plugin active on all of my sites. Set an forget.

    The out-of-the-box-behaviour is just making people not like Gutenberg.

    Thread Starter Carl Fox


    @ma_wordpressorg ,

    Thank you for the plugin link, will be great to finally get rid of the annoyance!

    Of course, this really should not be something that requires yet another plugin…

    Here’s hoping for a core solution someday… 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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