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  • Hello,

    Has anyone noticed inconsistent behavior in the Gutenberg editor since version 5.5

    For example, I periodically lose focus while editing a text block (paragraph). The block becomes unavailable for editing and I have to make an additional mouse click on another block, then back on the current one to continue editing.

    Another example: sometimes the “Add block” pop-up button (with a plus sign) does not appear between individual blocks and it is impossible to insert a new block at this place. You have to insert a new block above (or below) and then move it to the right place.

    These oddities started with version 5.5. The previous version seemed much more convenient to me.

    I work in Firefox, latest.


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  • Hey Edward. The sibling inserter which is that little plus icon that appears in between blocks has been undergoing several changes to help improve the interaction. If it is not showing up at all for you, that’s a bug. If that’s still the case after this latest Gutenberg update, please record this on the Github repo:

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