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    Gutenburg editor is using some functions that are also used in page builders.

    This relates to the creation of web page formatting codes that are used specifically within the page builder to design layout, and are again used by the page builder engine to generate the displayed page.

    Various page builders use their own [code]s for these functions.

    Gutenburg will probably be using its own for this too.

    Now might be an opportune situation to try to create at least some or improved unification of [codes], that are used by all/many/some builders that work within the wordpress (page generation) environment.

    This would allow users to create pages that are formatted more intricately than standard html would allow, yet can be created and presented by a range of builder systems.
    The user is then more able to switch from one system to the other, while maintaining less disturbed changes to their website appearance.

    This also means that the various (open source?) builder projects, have code that can work with other open source builder projects, and so makes it easier to integrate functions from one to another.

    A convention on builder [codes] could be initiated.
    It might not happen soon, but could be prepared for future incorporation.
    All (page) builder projects could be invited to participate.
    They could submit their [code]s with what those codes do, and a super set be gathered. Similar functions could be made into one main function, that would have the option for optional extras, to account for the smaller differences.

    Out of this would (sooner) come some commonly used, and important main functions which could be unified as a first start.

    Gutenburg could act as the driver for this.
    The code generated would be usable and interchangeable between all the builder projects, including Gutenburg.

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