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    The “+” icon to add a block shows when first starting.
    But after it has been clicked on (and no block chosen), then move the cursor away, the icon disappears, with no hint that it is there.

    If you know where it is meant to be located, then you can hover over it, then it will show up.
    But again, if you move away it will disappear.

    Please fix this.

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  • Hi mksnmks –

    Thanks for the report. I’d like to test it out and try to replicate the behavior. Can you tell me what type of set up you are using?

    – operating system
    – browser types and version numbers

    That should be enough to get started on. Thanks.

    Similar issue found: on the Gutenberg Intro page, after activation their is the demo which one can use to explore features….very good BUT:

    1. Create a new block
    2. select using the (+) and make the block type = ‘separator’
    3. Now if I decide to change and want to turn that block into a ‘paragraph’…I could not find any visible options to change?
    4. However, if I create a new block and using (+) make it a ‘paragraph’ then I have a selection tool in the top left of the box to change it’s type to all styles.
    5. Again if I then change the type in the (+) box to ‘image’..then once again I’m limited to what I can change it too – ONLY ‘gallery’ or ‘file’.

    So appears very inconsistent actions for the options to change a block once inserted.

    Hope this helps explain (+) issues.
    Regards, Dennis

    Hi appleisle,

    Yes, I noticed the “+” icon move to the top left at some point.
    It seemed to do that after the first block was added.
    Not only do the menu systems, and icons, buttons, links vary in appearance,
    but also the locations jump around.

    However, before starting to venture into this UI behavior, I thought it best to attend to the icon appearance (or disappearance), before attending to where ever else it chooses to make its re-appearance.


    Moderator Marius L. J.



    So the + is always present in the top left, the confusion, I believe, is that the sign at the very bottom of the page isn’t always available (that is actually being looked into and discussed as I write this). It’s a feature which may actually be confusing to users, so will likely see some modifications going forward.

    The block converter is actually content-dependent. And the option to convert a block will only allow you to convert it to a related block (the block code defines which blocks are related), so that you do not get invalid data anywhere (it would be awkward if you converted an image to a paragraph for example, since it’s not text). I can expect a few wanting to write the text, but at that point adding a new block manually is much safer than opening up the blocks for potential corruption.

    Hello Marius L.J. ,

    1) The position of the “+” icon this topic is about ;
    The “+” icon I saw was just below the “Title” position.
    From the new user experience, the intuition was to visually follow the main prompting action, which was to look at the “Title” location, because that is the largest font on the whole page (indicating implied importance).

    The “+” icon was right next door to that on its left.

    2) Re – additional comment from appleisle about “+” icon top left ;
    Having found it at the left of the “Title”, it was therefore expectable to find it there again (for constancy). It became non-visible even though it remained there (it would show up if hovered over).
    It was only some time later, after the first block was added, that it appeared at top left.

    3) UI layout design ;
    It seems like the UI design is not yet decided on whether this should be a function that floats around the UI, is attached to the block editor, or attached to the top bar. Any of these is possible, and makes sense – what the problem is is that it changed location in a non-inuitive way without warning.
    It might be possible to let the user control how this icon behaves, but in any case, “constancy/consistency of behavior” of the UI is helpful.


    Re the “+” icon at the top left (which is not the main issue of this topic),
    there is very good commentary on UI at

    This UI issue needs to be be fixed, rather than excused.

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