• Hi, I’m getting a white screen when trying to edit pages and/or posts after updating to the latest release on 4.9.8 sites that have Gutenberg and Ninja Forms activated.

    I’ve checked this with the Twenty Seventeen theme and only the SEO Framework, Gutenberg and Ninja Forms plugins installed.

    Pre release update it works, without Gutenberg it works, without Ninja Form it works and if I click the ‘Classic Editor’ option to edit it also works – but with all three plugins activated there is a white screen and no error is generated in the log files.

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi there!

    Thanks for notifying me of this issue. No logs are generated because Gutenberg runs in the browser, so you’ll have to open the browser development tools (F12) know about errors.

    I found that Ninja Forms’ script halts on an error at the very first few lines, as it tries to run before the document (thus Gutenberg) is loaded.

    I’ve just submitted an issue on this.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll solve the difficulties you’re facing. However, it does prevent me from investigating any further before this is fixed.

    If you’re able to inspect the browser logs as you’re trying to load Gutenberg, and are able to find errors there, that would be tremendously helpful.

    Please note that I’ve just added Gutenberg support in The SEO Framework v3.2.0, are you using that version?

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    I bypassed the issue mentioned above, and I found that the Ninja Forms block loads the front end of your website in an iframe within itself. I don’t believe this is a good practice, and I think this is the reason why you’re experiencing the white screen.

    That said, I don’t know why they’ve done this, and which issues they’ve tried to circumvent in doing so. It’s probably a backport for the shortcode [ninja_forms id=n].

    Could you notify the authors on this issue? I think they can help you out. They did note that their Gutenberg integration is in beta.

    Still, I don’t know why the mixture of these plugins would cause an issue. But, at least we know a little more šŸ™‚

    Thread Starter Amibe Websites


    Thank you Sybre for your responses and the work you do.

    Ok yes, I see there’s an error generated in the browser logs by Ninja Forms. Thank you for logging that issue with them – I’ve subscribed to track progress.

    I believe the iframe loading may be contributing to another error I’m experiencing with Ninja Forms that I’ve already logged with them. I will certainly follow up on it.

    For now, not updating to The SEO Framework v3.2.0 is sufficient – I’m taking a very cautious approach to enabling Gutenberg so I only have it in places where the impact of something not working is low. If necessary I will simply deactivate it until Ninja Forms is ready.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    I confirmed the crash when using the Gutenberg plugin instead of WordPress 5.0’s editor; they tend to achieve the same but in a very different fashion.

    I’ve had more reports of plugin conflicts with Gutenberg, but I couldn’t reproduce them on WordPress 5.0. So, this is an odd situation.

    Nevertheless, I’ve managed to fix this issue, and an update will roll out momentarily.

    Thank you so much for the report! I’m sure it’ll help many other people.

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