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  • Hello world!

    My name is Rob and I am new in the WordPress community, excited to join you guys.

    I don’t have much technical knowledge, nor do I know a programming language but I am planning on starting a Website, optimize it for SEO, create content and start doing Affiliate Marketing and for my purpose I have been told WordPress is the optimal solution.

    I started taking some training on LinkedIn Learning regarding WordPress and immediately understood that I need to choose between gaining knowledge on Classic or Gutenberg Editor as they are two different interfaces.

    I have done some research and even though Gutenberg seems to be more creative and engaging it comes with many technical issues relating to themes, plugins etc. Hence, the great number of negative reviews. On the other hand, Classic Editor is considered as the “old” editor so I am afraid that the knowledge I gain will become quickly obsolete.

    Given the context I have just presented, which one do you advise me to go with?

    Also, any suggested themes would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  • They both output a chunk of HTML, which gets styled by the theme, along with the other parts of the page like the header or footer or sidebar.
    The majority of plugins don’t have anything to do with the editor, so they are unaffected. The theme really doesn’t have much to do with the editor either, but can optionally provide styles so that it looks like the front end while you are editing.

    If you are manually creating content, pick the one you are comfortable with. The block editor is constantly changing and plugins that do affect it have to keep changing also. But it does have a Classic block if you need something to work “the old way”, and a Custom HTML block if you need to put something that isn’t a block in your post.
    If you are using plugins to create content, then it doesn’t really matter which editor you choose.

    I will add one thing to the above (very good) reply. The Gutenberg project is eventually supposed to replace, not just the editor of posts and pages, but the entire website building experience. This is why some themes have been built to reflect the block editor, so that they will be prepared for that eventuality.

    If you want to be best prepared for that future, so you don’t have to pick a new theme or relearn anything, it would probably be best both to learn the block editor (even if you still use “classic mode” like Joy mentioned) and to get a block-friendly theme.

    I manage two WP sites and one is still using the classic editor, but the newer one uses the block editor and the Blocksy theme. It works very well.

    PS: There are some plugins that might be incompatible with the block editor, but I think many, probably most, are essentially made obsolete by the block editor, anyway. For example, there are plugins that add things like tables to your post, but the block editor is able to insert columns and such all on its own.

    Anyway, just thought I’d add that

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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