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  • I write a weekly blog: basically an epic sci-fi story. I do 99% of my work in Word, but once I copy/paste into WordPress, I give it a quick once-over. There are times when I find I’ve been redundant from one paragraph to the next. Apparently, I can no longer select across paragraphs (from one ‘block’ to another) in order to delete copy. I have to delete type in each block separately.

    That makes things more time consuming.

    I also use three asterisks between “scenes” and I want them centered. Because it’s a very short “sentence” when I try to select it in its block, because it’s considered a separate paragraph, I either can’t select it, only select one of the three asterisks, or can’t see what I’m doing because the popup tool bar blocks it.

    I no longer seem to have the “select most common tags” option, which again was very handy.

    I cannot find the shortlink/permalink option.

    After posting, and wanting to copy the link, I clicked the “copy” button and even though I got the “copied!” notice, when I went to paste it into the link box, it entered the text I had entered elsewhere, not the link. Then when I went back to the post to try and copy it again…I couldn’t find that “get the link” box anywhere.

    If I wanted a Wix or SquareSpace site for my blog, I would have gone that route. The reason I chose WordPress is because it didn’t have the blocks and I wanted something that was easier for text…something that functioned more like a text editor. Gutenberg is not it. I will have to look at other options if this is the road WordPress is going. I’m very, very disappointed.

    To sum it up: a post normally took me five minutes to copy/paste from my Word doc, format, add tags, copy shortlink, add to my “chapter” page, then done. Today, I’ve spent twenty minutes trying to work with Gutenberg. I ended up disabling the plugin so I could get my post up.

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  • If you allow me to shed some light on your troubles:

    – For your editing problems, try the Classic block; it behaves like the old editor. When you finish editing, and only if you want to, convert that to Gutenberg blocks.

    – Select common tags will be included in Gutenberg in the near future.

    – To edit the permalink you have to clic on the post title (the first block), and above it you’ll find the slug editor.

    I think Gutenberg is a great editor, and in fact I can do almost anything I could do before, even faster; but also I think you just have to spend a little more time using Gutenberg to become familiar with it. But just a teeeeenie little bit.

    Hope it helps.

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