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  • I’m usually ambivalent about the design of WYSIWYG editors, but Gutenberg is honestly the worst I’ve ever encountered. The idea of blocks isn’t terrible, given that it’s a foundation of everything from HTML to CSS to, well, anything, but forcing graphical engagement with each paragraph is insane. Why would anyone want to write anything in this way? It would take forever to edit something, given all of the extra clicks one needs to move between paragraphs and format. What’s more, the few formatting options that appear cover up the last line in the previous block, so it’s difficult to see how text flows visually or conceptually.

    Despite the literally hundreds of 1 star reviews, I imagine WordPress is committed to this monstrosity, so I have three suggestions:

    1. The alternative view in Gutenberg be the current “text” view. The current design is odd in this regard. I write almost everything in that window, and I appreciate the basic formatting shortcuts at the top of the text box, even when I’m writing more detailed code. It seems counterproductive to hide all of the formatting options. After all, even this commenting window has more options than the Gutenberg options. There’s a reason that the basic formatting options are at the top of this text box. Why aren’t they in Gutenberg?

    2. Create a “super block” for text composed of multiple paragraphs, with an option to break it up into sub-blocks. Doing so would allow for easier writing and editing, but then still provide the basic block functionality when one needs to, for example, format paragraphs differently or insert graphical elements.

    3. Redesign the edit box menu so that the formatting options are inside the block, rather than floating over the bottom of the block that’s above it. In other words, the blocks would sort of look like mini-Classic editing boxes.

    These suggestions would really help, but it’s still truly bizarre and surprisingly terrible.

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    Oh buggers. I think I misread you. You do work in Classic but call it Text, right?

    2. Create a “super block” for text composed of multiple paragraphs, with an option to break it up into sub-blocks.

    Have you tried the “Classic” block?

    That might be what you are looking for. You can write multiple paragraphs, lists, quotes and even headings in one window.

    When you’re done you can then let Gutenberg convert it to blocks with the three-dot menu next to it.

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    Thank you for the suggestion, @pmmueller. I think that’s a decent temporary workaround for the second issue, at least when initially drafting a post. Once the post text is converted to blocks, all of the other issues remain… It does get me thinking that a modified version of the classic block should be the default view.

    PS What I mean by “text” is the “Text” (rather than “Visual”) view in Classic.

    It does get me thinking that a modified version of the classic block should be the default view.

    That would probably reduce the initial shock for users not used to blocks 😉

    For sure!

    Hi, I use WP since a lot of years and I appreciate Gutenberg very much. It gives a lot of possibilities, the classic editor doesn’t have. I can create a modern look and layout what I was looking for (long before Gutenberg). I experienced with custom post templates. Now its much easier. This is how my workflow looks like:
    I have an idea. I write the text (in TextEdit at my Mac). I collect all stuff (photos, animations, pics, movies, pdfs, etc) in my conceptional idea folder.

    Now, after that, I go to WordPress into the editor. Now I do all the formatting and layout and the blocks. I post the article, when I like the look and when its ready.
    What I don’t do is writing, texting and breeding the idea in WordPress. That’s done before.

    Thank you, @beejees. I guess we just have different workflows. I expect an editor to be a workable production system, not just a layout program.

    okay, I can see your point of view @givemeausername. To be honest, the editing phase is also very productive and WordPress is not only a layout program for me. Its a wonderful CMS.

    I agree that it used to be a decent CMS! Ha. Thanks for your ideas, though.

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