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  • Bryan Eggers


    I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with Gutenberg but tonight I noticed that the latest Gutenberg plugin crashes my Widgets pages.

    Same thing on two virtually identically sites. When the plugin is disabled the Widget pages are fine again.

    On one site the Widget page was coming up blank with just a BLOCKS title. No widgets listed, no drag and drop, no sidebars.

    One the other site there were no Widgets or drag & drop but some code that looked like maybe raw plugin code – no way to modify anything.

    The important thing to note is that the existing widgets were still working normally. I just couldn’t modify any of them.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Bryan Eggers


    Okay, the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin is causing this problem. When I disable the plugin the Widget pages appear normally. So the Gutenberg version shipped with WordPress is okay but not the latest test version.




    I tested out the new theme from the repository called clearnote and I noticed the same thing. widgets are not working as expected with the new level of Gutenberg 9.0.0. I had to use the default level of gutenberg that comes with wp 5.5.1 to set up the widgets for the theme. now once they were set up, they did show OK in the theme, not sure if I can now modify them or not using gutenberg 9.0.0 though. luckily this is all happening on my test system, not my production system.




    The latest version of Gutenberg, Version 9.0.0 | By Gutenberg Team also have a negative affect my widgets page. The menu item Appearance > Widgets now links to xxx=gutenberg-widgets and it does NOT display all my widgets. Not to mention that is confusing to use.

    In order for me to view ALL my widgets, I have to use the Dashboard > More Actions > Manage Widgets to get to the original widgets page. Or turn off the Gutenberg Plugin, which restores the Appearance > Widgets link to normal.

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    according to documentation on, the widget block editor code can be disabled by putting “remove_theme_support( ‘widgets-block-editor’ );” in the theme’s functions.php file.

    I could not get the new code to work to set up widgets on the theme I was using, so this is a work-around for now. Note that widgets is now missing from the customizer, so you will need to use the widget link under Appearances.


    I just installed Gutenberg 9.1.1 and again the Widgets page is broken. It says my theme has no widget areas. My theme is Studiopress Magazine Pro 3.3.0 – this was the last version of their flagship theme with widget support before they changed it to an all-block theme.

    This means Studiopress has forever ended any possible future upgrade path on this great widget-based Magazine Pro theme. Another dead end for publishers like me who have invested considerable time and money on their themes.

    I’m disgusted about all this. It’s like one bad decision after another.

    I had to disable Gutenberg 9.1.1 and revert to the current production version.

    No, I’m not going add code to functions.php. That is not a solution.

    I am using wp 5.5.1 and gutenberg 9.1.1 with the twentytwenty theme on my wordpress test system.

    it seems that you need to use the Widgets link under the Customizer rather than the Widgets link

    I think the lesson to be learned from this is that you should not use a test version of a plugin on a production site, widget processing constitutes a prominent non-working position in the test version of the plugin.



    The people who are testing on test sites aren’t doing a good job. This release has a catastrophic failure – the Widgets page is gone. Who missed that? We need as many people as possible testing these versions.

    Also, Gutenberg is up to version 9.1.1 and that should indicate a stable release. It isn’t.

    I don’t mind testing on my live site. I backup before I do any testing.

    There are many things I like about Gutenberg but when entire WordPress features vanish then I get worried.




    Thank you @almcr. I am experiencing the same thing and appreciate these workarounds, for now. So much aggravation.

    Same thing here, Im on Gutenberg 9.4.1 and my widget page is broken. Im running Extra theme by ElegantThemes. I`m just wondering why the issue has not been fixed since version 9.1.1 as mentioned above.

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