Support » Accessibility » GutenBerg Paragraph Block is no longer accessible with the JAWS Screen Reader

  • I am running JAWS Version 2021.2103.174. I’m also running the latest version of WordPress. Here are the steps I’m following.
    1. get into my page.
    2. get into the content.
    When I tab through the content, I can see my blocks.
    3. When I press the enter key, I get into the Block Editing mode.
    4. When I press the enter key, I get into the JAWS forms mode where I should be able to edit the content in my block.
    5. JAWS doesn’t speak anything in these blocks.
    6. If I go into a heading block, I can edit the block.
    I can also add Classic blocks and edit them. This behavior has been happening since January of 2021. I can edit paragraph blocks in NVDA. I use the peLawyer theme.
    I would appreciate any help resolving this issue.
    Thanks so much.

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