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  • I read that the Gutenberg will be included in the next WP major release, and that it will NOT be able to be deactivated. WOW!

    Now, as a html programmer I certainly have always wished to have blocks (I use Elementor), but by making Gutenberg mandatory you will insufferably confuse many basic users.
    The whole point of WordPress was, and should continue to be, to make it easy for unskilled people to create posts/pages. Probably the majority of users are relatively unskilled.

    I have several sites with clients who have been trained to operate their sites without help. They will be lost!

    I know that any engineer would like to be able to use Blocks, but do not neglect your very many unskilled users. Most of them are perfectly happy the way things are now.

    1) Please do not make Gutenberg mandatory, or even default.

    2) Do not even release Gutenberg until it is much easier to use than Elementor.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    I read that the Gutenberg will be included in the next WP major release

    Yes, it will be the default editor in WordPress 5.0.

    and that it will NOT be able to be deactivated. WOW

    WOW, that’s not actually true. 😉

    Install and activate this plugin.

    I have several sites with clients who have been trained to operate their sites without help. They will be lost!

    That will preserve the existing editor and will be supported for a long time to come. That plugin exists as a way to let users continue with the old editor in such as the one above.

    But the automatic upgrade will push that out.

    You did not write that, I just want to cover all the bases.

    5.0 is a major release and major releases never automatically update from just using WordPress. WordPress defaults to only updating the minor version numbers and not the major ones.

    Thanks for your very fast reply.
    I installed the plugin and it works.
    I already knew what you said about major upgrades, but I generally like to allow the installation of the latest WP upgrade on all my sites because the upgrades offer advantages.

    Installing a Cancellation plug in is a hassle, and not at all obvious.
    What you said is helpful, but what would be really helpful would be:
    During the Upgrade just offer the choice, with a brief message about the implications.


    Moderator Steve Stern


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    >> During the Upgrade just offer the choice, with a brief message about the implications. <<

    That ship has sailed. The “block editor” will be the default editor. Like other core features, one installs plugins to modify them.

    Thank you for your fast reply.
    Yes, thank you for letting me know ‘That ship HAS sailed.’
    I think it sailing into a storm that could be avoided.
    How will a user who doesn’t want to use Gutenberg know to load that particular plugin (out of thousands). You could inform the user with a simple notice and link, and save a lot of frustration.
    This is important. You could do it (if you actually wanted to).
    This is not the WordPress that I know.
    Tim Blancke

    You can help with that!
    Take a look at and see if the scenario you mention is covered.

    Also, the 5.0 release is unlike most releases. It was held off until the functionality was ready, the new editor (and support) is the only thing in the release, it breaks backward compatibility in a few places, and it adds more javascript than PHP.
    I guess it’s the sign of the times that things are changing after 15 years.

    Thanks, Joy
    You are the first person who seems to understand my concern as a user.
    I have seen a statement that Gutenberg would be active and not able to be disabled. Thus the Classic Editor must be loaded for traditional use. I hadn’t thought about the upgrade from 4.9 … it would seem to me that it would make sense to just continue with it active. But be able to switch easily to the classic editor… which should already be there.
    Also, it must be evident that the Classic Editor must be downloaded by many users, just to be able to continue. Ugh!
    My main concern is for the new installation of 5.0! It is unreasonable to expect that the average (unsophisticated) user would be able to start off using Gutenberg Blocks. Most people don’t need them. The want life to be simple.
    Thus I would recommend that in all cases a clear choice is given at installation (or upgrade) that allows the user to select either one of the modes and then simply continue. It should not be necessary to download a plugin to continue. You should take care of that.
    1) Although it is nice to want to add a major capability, that should not be done at the expense of the old. One very great WP advantage is that it is easy to set up and start using.
    2) Gutenberg, as is, is really hard to learn, and is not as nice as Elementor (Free). You should hold off until you have an intuitive editor. Probably one where one can simply drag optional blocks ANYWHERE on the page, and the rest of the page would readjust to the change. That would be a real contribution!
    3) Gutenberg is not ready. Nor is the introduction process. Please hold off!
    4) The introductory page should provide a single link to a well-thought-out Gutenberg Manual.
    Sorry this is so wordy.
    Tim Blancke

    The thing is, no one will see your comments here. If you comment in the ticket, everyone who has already commented will see it.

    The switch to Gutenberg was decided two years ago. It took longer to write than they thought it would, I think. It does have some nice concepts, and it is not that bad for someone who does not know HTML.

    The choice has been made, and it is going in, so saying it shouldn’t doesn’t do anything. They will continue to improve it, and work on Phase 2, which will take over more of the page (like sidebars and headers). I’m not sure that themes will have a role in Phase 2. I don’t really want to use a WordPress like that. I will likely keep my clients on 4.6 or 4.7, where they are now (I didn’t like things that went into 4.8 or 4.9). But I don’t know how long that will last, because they won’t continue to support the old and the new. They will make the old go away.

    This reminds me of the Customizer. When it was released, a huge group did not like it. It improved slowly, and the theme review team declared that themes in the repository had to use it for options instead of option pages. I think that tipped it over the edge. I still don’t like it that much, because it covers up everything and I can’t see the live site at the same time (unless I remembered to open another window first).

    The best way to influence what happens and improve the editor is to make your voice heard on the tickets, suggesting better ways to do things and reporting bugs, or even code if you know how. Testing and documentation need people, too.

    Hi Joy,
    I guess that I will go with the 5.0 Upgrade, but use the Classic Editor Plugin (and Elementor). Probably the same for new installations.

    My concern was more for those who don’t know all that which you all have told me.
    I predict confusion.

    Anyway, I’ll live.
    Tim Blancke

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