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  • WordPress has to stay relevant. Gutenberg is the future. I understand that a lot of people do not like change but Gutenberg is moving WordPress to the right direction.

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  • Not liking change is hardly the primary reason for disliking gutenberg. c’mon!!! This is a bad move!

    Maybe I agree with the main plain: to help user.
    As developer Gt is useless, I was looking to have a ‘native page builder’ inside WordPress, but this solution is just just a crap.

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    Hello to all. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment.
    WordPress has to deal with visual page builders. Wix for example. Wix is the number one rival.
    Another thing is that WordPress cannot depend upon third party visual page builders like Elementor (which is a great tool btw). It has to offer simplicity and intuition itself. This is what will keep WordPress relevant for the next 15 years.
    Classicpress is just a WordPress fork with another name. It will always see WordPress’ back. How many people are behind this project? They just don’t have the resources to compete with Automatic. I didn’t know about October cms. It seems like a nice tool 🙂
    Now, don’t think I’m a Gutenberg fanboy. I am worried as much as you do guys about the future of WordPress.

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    Comparing Wix to WordPress is comparing apples to oranges. Wix is not a CMS, it’s a drag and drop based website builder, similar to Squarespace and the likes. WordPress is much more complex. If WordPress is trying to stay relevant, I promise you this junk they just released is not it. As someone who develops websites for a living, 100s each year, I can tell you I have served dozens of clients who are moving away from Wix because of how unintuitive it is.

    WordPress trying to be similar to Wix is like Apple trying to make the iPod similar to the Microsoft Zune.

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    I know how complex WordPress is. I have built custom themes and plugins and apps and sites… so I know the complexity.
    Why are there so many WordPress visual page builders? Because there is a need. I am not trying to compare WordPress to Wix. I agree with you. I would never recommend it to any of my clients. It was just an example.
    We’ve all been fed up with Wix Youtube ads “You need a website, why don’t you create it yourself…”. You get the point.
    All I’m saying is that steps forward must be taken so non devs can build pages the way they want them to look. If it is Gutenberg or something else, I don’t know. Not my decision. I have many objections myself regarding Gutenberg.
    But all this conversation among the thousands of WP developers is a good thing and I believe Automatic is listening…

    I am sorry but if you rate this bag of bolt 5 stars then you must be on the payroll.

    WP worried about Wix???, with internal template page builders and stand-alone ones available in the marketplace, offering layout finesse and used by 1000’s – why make your own inferior version in the first place??

    This release is awful – you cannot polish a turd as my father once told me – think that phrase pretty much sums things up perfectly.

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    It is one thing to have an opinion of your own and a completely different thing offending people for expressing their opinion.

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    @nomisrenrut, @joshuamayo, @artphotoasia, Other people’s reviews aren’t an invitation for others to opine their thoughts, feelings and political theories. If you’re posting on someone else’s review for that reason then please take a step back; if you don’t already have a review then you can open one here:

    If you already have a review then you can discuss that on your own review.

    If however someone has had a poor experience and you wish to help them in someway then your comments are very welcome!

    who has offended anyone??? – I’m not blaming you (gtekelis) for creating these update to WordPress (unless you did !?) – merely referring to the fact you gave it 5 stars even when, by your own comments, deem it to be less than perfect.

    And yes – I have had numerous sites affected by this update, costing many hours to research what initially happened and then more hours working on trying to sort it out!!

    Hilarious that it is deemed political … amazing.

    If you are a developer of WordPress – may I point you to the 1100+ other people who seem to be a little aggrieved by this update – maybe you can address that instead of 3 people who have a little frustration to vent!

    I personally don’t use or like page builders, that being said I see the value for some users. My question for you is, why not make Guttenberg and optional plugin and not part of the WP Core?

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    WordPress is all about publishing content.
    On the other hand Gutenberg is not just an editor, it is a change of philosophy.
    As Gutenberg’s description reads: “Gutenberg is more than an editor. While the editor is the focus right now, the project will ultimately impact the entire publishing experience”.
    So I believe that since it will impact the entire publishing experience and since publishing is what we use WordPress for, it is only natural for Gutenberg to be a core feature.

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