• I updated to version 5 and then all of a sudden I couldn’t see anything else but the disaster that is gutenberg.

    Editing via blocks? Really? There’s a reason why I’m on wordpress and not on wix.

    Gutenberg should be an option and shouldn’t be forced down our throats.

    It’s bad. Divi is way more awesome. What gutenberg should be. And I don’t even use divi!

    Thank goodness for the classic editor plugin! It removed gutenberg and then showed the previous format again. There’s also another plugin I saw which is named remove gutenberg or something that I haven’t tried yet.

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  • @jersey-peeps
    The classic editor can be forked when/if needed, as the WordPress itself. So I think that we have an alternative. All this Gutenberg disaster was really not necessary, but it is solvable. I will stick with 4.9.8 for some time, there is nothing for me urgent to upgrade at this moment.

    I installed classic editor to all of my sites and I guess in 3 years I will probably move my main site over to another platform. Most of the reviews are not great, will they still not support classic editor if most people want it? I guess they will. 🙁

    Hi, I saw on a few other threads that Classic Editor will most likely be supported beyond 3 years. This came from a WP guy directly. Even if not, there is a Remove Gutenberg plugin that will likely continue. I don’t think there will be any shortage of gutenberg disable plugins for the foreseeable future. This is coming from somebody who hates gutenberg with a passion and had fears about the continued development of the classic editor plugin. I really wanted to like gutenberg but it has too many issues this early on. It is a monstrosity that adds 40% or more to my workload which is simply copying and editing blog posts into wordpress from contributors who usually give me MS Word docs. Setting things up and moving stuff around is now a pain, so distracting with all the boxes and popups flying in your face when all I want is to do simple editing like I’ve been doing for a decade. Whoever thought this editor was a good idea is lost, it’s terrible for writers or those like me who just want to edit. At the minimum there should be an on/off switch. How simple, why not do so? Forcing us to use this Wix-like crap is not cool.

    I agree, i have been dreading this ‘text editor for dummies’ style interface, making it insanely difficult for control freaks and experienced wordpress bloggers and authors, and content creators to blog their posts and pages. Its absolutely horrible!
    Some things should be left as they are, and the old text editor was already working fine. It’s as if WordPress is copying WIX or something. Dont like Gutenberg, and now write in html in a separate app and paste it into a ‘paragraph block’ instead of having a ready-to-write title and body textfields with all the wysiwyg tools we are used to.
    Gute Nacht Zu Gutenberg (Goodhnight Gutenberg). A Webmaster’s Nightmare!

    I agree with all of you: they have complicated something working fine and fast. I’m wasting a lot of time writing posts and teaching to my colleagues how it works. There are also some problems, for example:
    – is not possible to color just one word in a sentence
    – it’s impossible to move words and sentences with the mouse cursor
    – you can’t control the line-spacing when you start a new paragraph/line.
    I use wordpress mainly for writing not for making websites!
    I think I will install the classic editor plugin (and I don’t like to install too many plugins).

    Just tried to start my first build in Cuntenberg, it’s hopeless to me, fine if you’re just a blogger perhaps but that isn’t WP now. Why didn’t they listen to the dev community that made wordpress what it is and make it an opt in not an opt out!

    I’ll be looking for a new platform from now on after building dozens of WP sites over the last decade.

    Very frustrating!



    Totally agree. This new editor is extremely frustrating to use. Clearly they don’t listen to users.

    ^^ clearly the developers are not actually “users”. They couldn’t possibly use the app on any significant level for day to day content publishing, otherwise they would not have pushed out this ****.

    “GUTENBERG” oh dear, what a piece of rubbish! Yet another example of web app developers pushing out UI updates that are unnecessary and that only introduce more friction and time into workflows that were previously efficient. More clicks are required for basic tasks. How is this an improvement?

    Did anyone on this dev team actually compare use cases for OLD vs NEW side by side? I just don’t understand this compulsion of web app developers to “fix” things that aren’t broken.

    Shakes head at WP. So disappointing….

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    I’m afraid this isn’t really about the review, but more individual remarks it seems.

    To avoid this spiraling, I’m closing this review. The original reviewer may still update their review and rating at any time if they so wish though.

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