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  • I keep updating this thread with the issues I’ve had with this dumb ediing thing or whatever the heck it is! I remember when I first started with WordPress, I knew a handful of HTML. I learned so much about CSS, PHP, and more HTML so I could customize my theme. It was so much fun and gave me transferable skills. Now I’m stuck trying to learn some BS system that will not help me with anything else.

    There’s so much wrong with it!

    The stupid pop-ups pop up and block what I’m writing constantly. It’s particularly annoying as you can’t always find that little + thing that lets you add another block so you have to hover and click around like a crazy person figuring out where to add a stupid block–boy were things terrible when you just typed and typed without interruption, just copy and pasting image links and properties quickly and efficently? Total chaos Or just making a list on your own? End of times, end of times!–and half the time you accidentally click something and change it but there’s no way of knowing because the stupid pop-up blocks it.

    I’ve used it for months because I’m too lazy to learn a new system so you got me by the balls, but it just gets worse and worse and more and more annoying! I used to love WordPress and recommend it to everyone. Now I never do. It’s WAY TOO HARD to use now.

    And warn people before you change things. That full screen mode freaked me out. I thought my menu disappeared. I’ve been opening a new window and typing the dashboard address again to get to my menu. Never occurred to me to click those three little dots at the top and check if maybe there was some setting in there.

    And things jump and move around all the time. Every time you click on anything, you have to wait for everything to stop moving or you risk clicking on the wrong thing!

    I am DYING for someone to tell me what specific concrete problem was raised with the old editor that this is supposed to solve.

    UPDATE: I tried using it for a while and it is terrible and it’s just gotten worse. So many mouseclicks to do the simplest things. It may be great for people who know exactly what they want everything to look like from the very beginning down to whether your links are no-follow and which text will be bolded. But if you work on the fly or god forbid make a mistake and want to change things, it’s awful!!!

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  • Joy


    See Classic Editor plugin, which has over 5 million users (statistics are capped at 5 million).
    It’s right there in the Featured Plugins section of the directory.
    Also, for WP 5.8, you will likely want to use Classic Widgets.
    There are plenty of other systems out there to use, you know, and it’s pretty easy to export your content.



    Yes I use Classic exclusively and while it has irritating foibles (well it always had) you should try it.



    I’m sorry to hear that Gutenberg is not working out for you. Fortunately, as @joyously mentioned, you do not have to use Gutenberg and instead you can use the Classic Editor Plugin which will give you the experience you are accustomed to.

    The team will continue to update Gutenberg and earnestly try to make it better.



    I like Gutenberg, and they keep making it better. I wrestled endlessly with the old editor.

    Thread Starter Walton


    Good for those of you who like it. It makes me want to stab knives in my eyeballs every time I use it. And every time I try to do a workaround, it’s like “Nope, sorry, there’s no way around it”

    The team can’t make it better. I agree I need to use the Classic plugin. Originally they said it would eventually go away but I hope they don’t do that. But people may be right, after 15-odd years on WordPress, it might be time to throw in the towel and admit that they want to make it for hardcore programmers and casual users, not people like me who enjoy tinkering and fiddling and learning without getting a second masters!

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