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  • Gutenberg is a complete failure, and I thank the heavens above for this plug-in to let us go back to the regular editor. I still am wondering what pencil-neck thought up Gutenberg, it breaks everything. Again, I personally thank you for this plugin, without it, I would have had to say goodbye to wordpress forever.

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  • You’re throwing around insults pretty good. The “pencil-necks” that thought up Gutenberg are the same folks who gave you this Classic plugin.

    I don’t like the forced changes that tech peeps are exploiting people with: it feels like betrayal, especially in the face of truly community-killing problems like the long-drawn-out corporatist takedown of net neutrality through malfeasance, deception and bribery. I hate having to spend time, money and sanity on SSL due to serial betrayal of the commons–ie, falsely showing safe sites as unsafe to advance a private agenda. I hate a lot of what commercialism has done to divide and decay WP’s ethos and the so-called community. I don’t like to think of their next move.

    But the stupidity at railing at people you are ALSO personally thanking and equating with God is so bizarre it just needed a long rambly comment in return. You’re welcome!

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