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  • I like the idea of blocks, but Gutenberg should be an improvement to the current editor. It’s seriously basic and not really user-friendly. It should have lots of bells and whistles that make it appealing, but it does not.

    I can’t add color to my headers or change the color of a text link. This is basic stuff man!!! There are things I like about it, but they are small in comparison to what I don’t like.

    I LOVE the current editor and would HATE it if you added Gutenberg to the 5.0 WordPress version. Please don’t do this – you will get too many complaints. I have installed the plugin only because I’m not a tech person and don’t want to be surprised by the change. I don’t really care for it and will hate the forced intrusion of this new editor. This should be optional like in the plugin – we have the option of classic or Gutenberg editor.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Thanks for taking time to leave a review. I think it’s worth mentioning that what we have right now is phase one of Gutenberg. A lot of what you mention absolutely will come in phase two as we progress.

    You mention there are some things you like, could you elaborate on those as would be great to also get that insight?

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    Oh, that is good news that phase two will be an improvement.

    I do like the blocks and being able to move them very quickly with the arrows.

    I like the columns, but I’ve been unable to add any other blocks below them. I can only add more columns. I use a lot of columns and struggle with the current editor to add one. I have to create them on other software and then upload them to my blog post.

    I like the photo gallery block too. I can get more compressed images in my post with a lot less space.

    I also like being able to embed a URL, this is so handy.

    I also noticed that when I create a paragraph block, there is no + to add another block. I have to go to the top to click the +. Just thought I’d mention that.

    It’s also great we can add audios, but I could not get this option to work. I can upload the URL, but there is no sound. It was an audio book I tried to upload.

    I haven’t played around with the other options yet. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll share more as I use Gutenberg.

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    I also wanted to mention that I use the Special Character option all the time and I REALLY miss it. Some words have special characters and I would be embarrassed to put content out with spelling errors.

    Also, the categories on the sidebar, I would like to be able to rearrange them. I had them in alphabetical order in the classic, but they are scrambled in Gutenberg.

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