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  • For the most unintuitive software/tool/plugin/extension I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. I might be wrong, but I think the team behind this are about to get a sharp reminder of the technical competency some users possess – and that isn’t a knock at anybody – it’s a reflection on the awful UI design of Gutenberg.

    It’s far too heavily reliant on hover based functionality. There’s no visual indicators of blocks as individual elements. None. Nothing that represents to the user at a glance of how the current layout is progressing. Combine that with the need to hover perfectly over each block, or the element within to select what you want, and it’s just an awful experience. I would estimate at least 1/3rd of a 22″ screen remains unused whitespace – why?

    The design of the Gutenberg editor should have led by the single, mandatory requirement, to make a new block based editor as easy as possible to use for any level of user. If that was the main consideration, I just can’t believe this is the end result. To me personally, it looks and feels much more like a vanity project that disregards years of well honed interface design. And that’s going to bite hard when this is railroaded into core.

    We gave you blocks, but kinda hidden them 😉 Maybe your mouse can help…but only if you hover on right spot 🙂 Ignore anything that momentarily flashes, those aren’t the blocks you’re looking for.

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