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    When inserting an image block and adding a link URL, there is no way to add a link target, such as “_blank”. Tried editing in html, but it gets very confused and won’t let you go back to visual editing without converting back to a block, where the target attribute is then discarded. The Link Settings should have a target attribute that can be set.

    As a developer, I am find the whole Gutenberg editing experience very frustrating, inflexible and time consuming.

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  • Moderator Marius L. J.


    Hi there.

    So I don’t think we’ll be adding a link tag option (we’ve been removing them intentionally in the classic editor already), but this is a great area for a plugin to shine!

    What about the Gutenberg editing experience do you find frustrating, would you mind sharing a little about this?

    Hello Marius,

    I am not sure I understand your reply at all.

    So I don’t think we’ll be adding a link tag option (we’ve been removing them intentionally in the classic editor already), but this is a great area for a plugin to shine!

    The ‘link tag’ option is already there, but the ‘target’ attribute cannot be added to the link wrapping an image, even using html edit. I can go to the classic editor, put in the target attribute in the text (html) mode, publish, and there it is in the rendered html. So, it’s not removed from the classic editor.

    Just updated Gutenberg to 3.4.0 and in the release notes I see this:

    Retain target=”_blank” on links in converted paragraphs

    I’m able to add a target attribute to a link in a paragraph by editing in html, then switching back to the visual edit mode without any ‘This block has been modified externally.’ objections. The target attribute is retained and it did this in version 3.3.0 too. If it can be done for links in paragraphs, it should also be allowed in links wrapping images.

    ‘This block has been modified externally.’ is a silly message. Any edit within Gutenberg is surely not ‘external’!

    An editor that automatically removes content added by the user is a huge step backwards for me. As for putting functionality back into Gutenberg using plugins, that just indicates the original is deficient.

    I can understand having a ‘smart editor’ for users like ‘subscribers’, but not for ‘administrators’ who want, and need, maximum flexibility in creating content.

    Not having this flexibility is what I find frustrating. I don’t need the developers of an editor dictating what I can and cannot have as content in my web page or post.

    @drtonyb, I find the same issue to be frustrating too. I research on this and found that they removed it and the reasoning is not a good one for me. They said they removed it for user experience. Their concern is the end-user.

    But to me, that doesn’t make sense. WordPress user are the webmasters not the end-users that visit the websites that the webmaster’s designed.

    I think WordPress should leave that to the webmasters control and figure out their own end-user experience.

    WordPress is a tool for the webmasters and it should be flexible. It should leave the control and decision making to the webmasters what’s a good user experience for their visitors.

    Moderator Marius L. J.


    Ahh, OK I misunderstood you a little at first. We’re already got a ticket to improve the raw handling in Gutenberg, which will hopefully also stop stripping out data that’s been explicitly set manually.

    I’m going to mark this as “Resolved”, as there’s an associated ticket, but please feel free to provide any more related feedback if you have it.

    I’m not as code savvy or whatnot.

    But I would like to add my images using a url. And in Gutenberg image blocks, I can’t seem to do this. How come?

    I need to revert to classic editor to be able to do this. I’m a blogger, not a programmer or anything

    Moderator Marius L. J.


    Hi @didipaterno

    This is another users 2+ month old thread, please do create your own topic, or else we’ll risk sending a lot of notifications to the participants of the old topic here, and that’s just spammy for them 🙂

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