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  • I hope this is the right place to post this. I’ve been using the Gutenberg editor on a custom WP installation for some clients of mine, and since I had so much content to enter I decided to extract the code from the block editor and modify it in a text file. Formatting the content involved a large number of rote operations, and so it was more effective to do a mass find/replace than to go through the block editor manually.

    However, when I paste the source code back into the editor, nothing displays properly. My syntax is perfect, as far as I can tell, but my content (which is arranged as a series of WP columns) are nested incorrectly. Some content even displays before elements that precede it in the source code.

    The only lead I have to go on is that, when I post the code back into the page I am editing, the editor changes the source from the text I enter. Gutenberg appears to be changing “columns” comment tags to “column” comment tags, thus creating the nesting error. I’ve learned through doing some research that Gutenberg uses its own parsing algorithm, instead of storing information as simple HTML, and it appears that algorithm is processing my copy and pasted code incorrectly. I’d appreciate any insight, as well as suggestions as to how to proceed.

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  • I would suggest you that instead of cutting all your content from editor, select content from second line to second last line so editor will have first and last line of content/code as it is, now paste content in your editor, do find/replace anything, cut whole content and paste those between editor’s first and last line and now it should work.

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