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  • Hi All,

    My first ever blog, jeez isn’t wordpress killer!

    This blog is all about my journey from being an average wage earner, trying to achieve a way above average salary, with the ultimate goal of getting an American Express Black Card.

    Will I do it, who knows, but I am gonna try, the blog will follow my trials and tribulations, successes, failures, idiocy and genius, who knows, but hopefully it will be a reasonably entertaining thing to follow.

    Still getting to grips with wordpress in all this as well, but think I am doing ok so far.

    It’s going to be one big learning adventure.

    Love to you all and I wish everyone here great success with their blogs.


    ** Addendum thanks to whooami website is

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  • whooami



    you went to all the trouble of adding those completely un-useful tags, and werent with it enough to leave your url.

    good luck getting whatever card you want – especially if you have to fill out any forms.

    Ah bogger, told you I was new at this lark, tis

    Thank you for well wishes and pointing me in the right direction!

    As for forms, your sentiment is understood, hopefully I will be able to pay someone to fill ’em in for me!

    Real men just flash the cash. 😛

    I enjoy minimalistic themes but yours might be a bit too bland. A bit of color somewhere would help I think. Maybe just some related pictures or photos in the posts.

    Other than this I think your blog is just fine. It loads reasonably fast, it is uncluttered and it should do the job you expect it to do.

    Happy blogging.

    Thank you Arnold for the advice, which I take on board.

    Images in the posts makes a lot of sense, if people are to read it, it needs to be attractive and compelling.

    As previously mentioned I am pretty new to blogging and have to say WordPress is pretty amazing in it’s capabilities, of which I am still getting to grips.

    Thanks again for advice, it truly is appreciated.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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