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  • I have a blog (I don’t like to mention it here) and i’ve recently had someone threaten to hack it. People have been telling me the solution to prevent this ordeal would be some plug-ins, which I can’t use as I’m with So I’d basically like to purchase the guided transfer. But I have a question, whilst doing this or when the transfer is complete, would it make my blog harder to hack for the person who was trying to hack it, or would it make my blog more vulnerable during the transfer? Safety is the main issue, as well as the transfer.

    I’ll admit I really don’t know a lot about wordpress even though I have used it for a years now, I’ve never really explored the options so I’m hoping you can help me.


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  • so you currently have a wordpress.COM blog?

    They actually take security pretty seriously, and would manage such things – you wouldn’t need the plugins. You just need good, secure passwords.

    Moving to a self hosted solution may actually be less secure. First up, the plugins are tools, they won’t necessarily make your blog secure.

    You would need to learn a fair bit about security, since you would be in charge of every aspect of security if you moved to self hosted.

    IN a nutshell, wordpress.COM is pretty darned secure. If you are considering moving just for security, that may not be the best thing to do. Now, having a self hosted wordpress site offers a lot of benefits, if you want some of the other features available to self hosted sites, transferring is a great thing… but not necessary if security is your only concern…

    Hi, thanks for the reply Rev. Voodoo. That’s very reassuring and I didn’t know that. I guess I will consider putting my stresses at ease now. Once again, thanks for letting me know. 🙂

    Hi MarkySharky,

    Yep, Rev. Voodoo is spot on. is kept running by a crack team of sysadmins who take security extraordinarily seriously.

    Weak, reused passwords are the way most sites are “hacked”. They are guessed in many cases and if someone gets into the email account you use for all your other services, it’s game over.

    I’d recommend checking out this article:

    Strong, unique passwords for your services will keep you pretty darn safe.

    Hi Hew,

    I cannot find a way to directly message you, and I’m sorry this question is unrelated.

    I see you helped a lot of people in getting their subscribers transferred over to

    Could you please help me with the same for



    @endsolitary – you need to ask the .COM people to move your subscribers – ask on the forums on WordPress.COM – they are the only ones who can do this.

    In the future, please start your own thread per the forum guidelines –

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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