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    please am kind of new with the plugin, i have read all the documentation but seems like i cant understand anything there.
    In simple terms i want to ask this questions.
    1. after installing the plugin how do i locate the ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
    2. which ip address, port and username and password am i supposed to put in the rpc setting?
    3. how are the simple steps for some one who just want to install the plugin and connect with or coinpayment without having to install any bitcoin daemon?
    4. please i need a step to step guide.

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    Hello and welcome!

    You will likely want to disable the built-in Bitcoin adapter if you plan to use one of the cloud wallets. So, go to Wallets -> Bitcoin core node -> Enabled, uncheck the box and click on Save Settings. This will disable the adapter for the full node wallet.

    Then, follow the instructions for installing either the adapter, or the CoinPayments adapter. Install instructions are available at the pages for these adapters:

    If you face any problems with installation, note the support forums at:

    Or contact me directly at the email given here:

    This forum at is for the main plugin. If you face any issues with the main plugin, please open a new thread here.

    Note that there is also documentation in PDF form where you will find the FAQ, Troubleshooting section, Glossary, and more.

    kind regards

    I have installed the block. io adapter, and I have generated the api keys from my block. io account but i don’t know which one to use, the api generated has something like this.

    * Public Keys: [“0233d009c1c7ebvxdgjjjbvjjd745f16ee62744e1a6f404b56edggbhgvvvvfvvvgvvv2ba”, “03bb1ae2f68d68d1gbbhhbbbbbbv9300011041ff3b017a633840bvghbnjgvvgg”]

    * Private Keys: [“L5TsBuq6hVtvghbnhbbbbvvMyLgjsmBrZcg9bSo8fahVY4NA”, “KxrFUXhAjNxcvkFhvvbbjjnvbnjnb9z5uXpfQkmXkGqE61”]

    So my question is which one of them is my Api key? is it private key or public key? because the adapter settings in my WordPress only says Api keys and secret pin.
    so which one is secret pin? is it the secret pin i created and uses for my transactions in the account or is it among the keys displayed here?

    3. I noticed that each keys generated here has a comma and seems like is two keys merged into one, should I copy all from [xccvv up until jjjjjjjjjjbh] or should I remove the columns tags and also should I stop copying where the comma stops like “,

    Sorry bro i have found how to connect with the api and is working now, but please show me how to configure the cron job settings and times settings.

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    IMPORTANT: First of all, I noticed that you posted your private keys here. This is a public forum, so I hope you understand the implications. You need to change your keys immediately or people will be able to steal your funds.

    Glad to hear that you found how to enter the API keys. I will make a note to update the installation instructions so they are clearer. For the benefit of other people reading this, you need to go to “Show API keys” and enter these keys into the settings.

    You would not need to change the cron job settings from their default values unless you experience performance issues. The settings come with detailed explanations in the interface, so consult these. You will only need to decide how the withdrawal secrets are handled (“Time to retain withdrawal secrets”) so read the section “Withdrawals and wallet locks” in the “Transactions” chapter of the manual.

    kind regards

    P.S. Please note that the forum here is for the main plugin. The support forum for the adapter is at

    Thanks i know what I did, those private keys are not valid ones as i already edited them before posting.

    can I get bitstamp exchange rate on the plug-in?

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    The Bitstamp API is not a good fit for the way exchange rates work right now. So I will have to say no, at this time. At some point I will rethink the exchange rates.

    I will now close this thread as you mentioned that you got the adapter working. Please open new threads for any other inquiries that are unrelated to your original issue. Thank you.

    kind regards

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