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  • Hi! I’m new to blogs and cms’es and this is my first post here 🙂


    I have been asked to find and install a system that lets a small – very small – organization to publish its contact information and all that usual static stuff, upcoming events, reports of events, opinions etc. This would mainly be a one to many (or few to many) information channel with comments allowed for some posts only. The key requirements are:

    1) very simple and intuitive to use (“anybody can maintain”)
    2) no training needed, no manual reading necessary (“start using immediately”)
    3) no technical/IT skills needed in day to day admin tasks
    4) secure, as hacker proof as possible. A feature that limits login attempts would be nice.

    5) on-line editing of “static” web pages, blogging in various categories
    6) some sort of password protected photo album plugin displaying images and metadata and providing easy up/download (many images at once).
    8) nice to have features: Showing one “category list” per language on the page would be nice, but not necessary.


    I know that this goal can be achieved by using a blogging tool or a cms/portal that has blogging built in or as a plugin. I have now spent quite a few hours at and after trying to review that bewildering amount of software, I am even more confused now than I was before my desperate attempt to collect knowledge. There’s too much stuff for me to go through without guidance. Feature lists I have found. They are nice, but they don’t talk about ease of use, intuitivity, beauty, feel and so on…

    So, please help, I’m lost…

    Would WordPress be the best option, or should I go for some of these apps supported by DirectAdmin/Installatron:

    BLOGS: WordPress, b2evolution, Pivot
    CMS: Coranto, Drupal, Soholaunch, TYPO3
    PORTALS: Joomla, Mambo, ocPortal, PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, Xoops

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  • Did you look at or I think for bundle packages, sounds like you want an all in one package.

    I mite be out in left field here, but if you need support you want someone you can call.

    Well, this organization has thirty members and the budget is practically zero, so support calls are out of question… 40€ has been budgeted per year for a web hotell and a suitable web hotell has been found. We first considered typepad, but it was too expensive at 8€ / month.

    So, I really need to choose one of these apps that can be installed for free, and after that the system need to be flexible but maintenace free…

    So, does anybody know a site that discusses the usability of blog software and cms’es?

    Most of what you listed could be done (keyword: could!) with WP – with plugins and some customization.
    However, in my experience software is like any other thing in the real world: you buy/get a “toy” – you need to read the instructions and learn how to handle it. You want quite a complicated “tool”, yet your users don’t want to learn how to use it… Then they don’t deserve such a fine tool 🙂

    Nice to learn that WP might do the job. I will give it a try then.

    – There seems to be lots of plugins, but not a single plugin that limits login attempts to x/hr… and still, this basic security feature is nothing new – it is implemented already in Unix System V – and that’s OLD. I would be delighted to see such a thing on WP…

    – What is the best WYSIWYG editor for WP? The built-in editor shows html code editor<br>
    which is not very userfriendly.

    – Another thing: Is it so, that these image galleries need to be installed as separate applications, and that plugins exist only to integrate WP with these gallery apps? Is there nothing like an integral gallery module or something?

    WP doesn’t have “moduls”. Everything that you can (and want to) add – is a plugin. Yes, image galleries need to be installed separately, and if you are lucky, there is a plugin for it to integrate with WP.

    There is no “best” wysiwyg. There is only bad and worse…

    [I don’t understand that ‘login attempt’ question, to be honest. Have a good password and you are OK. I’ve never heard about a WP blog that was hacked by login attempts. Sloppy pw and world writable files and floders… yes.]

    I have to admit that I like WordPress more each hour. I tried Joomla too, but WordPress was the simplest and most elegant and it has wonderfull documentation.

    First I was very sceptical and disappointed in WP, but then I found the widgets, and the event calendar 3. There seems to be many Gallery2 plugins, too. That’s interesting. One thing that I found very annoying though, was that I cannot insert even simple tables to the blog. Maybe that is possible to correct with TinyMCE (it has too much stuff, I just need *nice* tables)…

    Internationalization is a bit lacking too. “Home”, for example, means mold in my language. And this Home, or mold, was hardcoded in the themes. Oh well, just open vi and do an ESC:s/Home/Etusivu/g, and problem gone… but these problems are all over the place. The next thing to get rid of is “Search” and many other fixed texts in wrong language. WordPress is a very good tool for the 500M dwellers of the anglosphere, but the rest of us (5000M) really need some translations.

    The choosing was greatly simplified when I noticed that b2evolution doesn’t support static pages, Coranto hasn’t been updated for a while, Joomla is MamboTheNextGeneration, Typo3 is targeted at “pro crowd”, Drupal does not allow many bloggers to write to the same blog (individual blogs…). Soholaunch had a lot of tools menus. Too many to my taste – or maybe the organization wasn’t to my taste… WordPress had better documentation, in my opinion, than Pivot (so I discarded Pivot).

    After all this I had only WordPress, Joomla, ocPortal, PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, Xoops left… A manageable task.

    WordPress just seemed to generate the most beautiful pages with the least work, so I installed it.

    I don’t want to advocate for WP because I firmly believe in “the right tool for the job” concept… so it is entirely up to you to find the tool/script for the specifics of your future website.

    But I also am a great “fan” of facts, so here we go:
    – (with the wysiwyg animal disabled) you can insert any kind of html tables in the Write Post (or Page) area and it works; provided the code is valid
    – localization. It has been decided, several versions ago, that the localization of themes doesn’t go together with the localization of the core engine. Meaning: you need to have a separate .mo file for the theme(s), and plugins, for that matter. Now, if the theme is NOT prepared for internationalization by its author… then you have to do the work manually 🙁
    some more info: and the links from there.
    If you need multilingual blogging I’d recommend to take a look at the Gengo plugin.

    Thank you 🙂

    This all has been very very helpfull to a “confused newbie”. All these hints (“could be done”, using tables, localizations) were valuable and saved me a lot of time.

    I understand that as a moderator you cannot say much because of the need to stay unpartial…

    Well, actually, I am not that “impartial” – I love WP, and personally I tweaked it enough to do all kind of non-blog jobs, too. [But there were cases when I said to a client: WP is not for you/your site… try something else]

    Like all the helpers in the forum, I am a volunteer, so nobody can fire me if I am not impartial 🙂

    I very much like WordPress, I use to use postnuke and while it is very configurable, it gets overly complicated. Its difficult to make design changes, etc.

    I love the simplicity of WP, how you can use a page as a homepage and not even have to utilize the blog and still have a dynamic site. Even the Admin panel is fully skinable.

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