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  • Hi,

    I’ve just discovered a very annoying problem, I noticed guests or regular members cannot view anything on the site apart from the homepage. I’m currently working on so I checked it out and the page status isn’t saving at all. I’ll select Publish and go back to it and it’s just blank, nothing is selected. As admin I can view them perfectly but if I logout then I cannot view the pages anymore, it just gives me a 404 error which is very irritating. As a guest or a member you can’t even view the extra comments on a blog post. I have no idea what has happened but it worked fine.

    I think it maybe a database error as I installed bbPress which completely destroyed my site in the process so I had to restore the database by manually adding myself as a member. I didn’t check right after that however, I only found out a day after it happened and I’ve done a lot more modifications to it in the meantime but it being a database error seems more credible but I can’t be completely sure. Everything else is working absolutely fine, yet the posts and pages just don’t seem to be responding at all.

    All I know is, guests and regular members can’t view anything apart from the homepage; news with comments, custom pages, archives, links etc. And it has to be because my pages aren’t saving their status and just remain… there. As mentioned, guests can view the homepage and the news can be read fine there. Once they click on the comments link it goes to the 404 error.

    I really need some help on this as I’m not really a database expert and I’ve been using WordPress for a couple of days. I didn’t want to post anything information about my site until requested, so if you need to see what I’ve done in my database or see the site itself then please give me your email address.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jamie B.

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  • Cal


    You say that this started to happen after installing bbpress?

    I’m curious, how did you install bbpress? Did you set it up to share a database? Did you change any of the config options?

    If you could maybe give a little more info on how you installed bbpress that would be nice. Also, what folder is wordpress in and where did you install bbpress, what folder?

    I installed bbPress the same way it said to on the website.

    Here’s the lowdown what happened. I downloaded, extracted it and uploaded it to my wordpress root folder. I installed bbPress first and used the same mySQL database as WordPress. Once it was finished, I viewed the integration article on this site (IIRC) and it told me to change the database prefix from _bb to _wp which I then did. Going back to bbPress it asked me to install it again… (a message saying that it hasn’t been installed) this time the installation was slightly different and it asked me for the name of the site and description which it didn’t ask before.

    It worked at first and all my users had been transferred across the forums… but going back to the site everything had gone. My news had gone, links to pages had gone and my permissions had gone as admin. Yet the database still kept hold of the information so I could still view pages I had made and the users were still there. It just wasn’t accessible via the site. Yet when I tried to login to the admin panel it wouldn’t allow me and said I didn’t have the right permissions. I couldn’t even view my dashboard whilst logging in as a regular member could.

    I went into phpMyadmin and remade myself an admin and removed bbPress. It wasn’t that hard picking up the pieces as most of the content was still there, it just removed the links and content from the site itself so it wasn’t accessible. I then removed the bbPress folder because I didn’t want to go through that again, but it was only later I found out the problem I mentioned above.

    I do hope I can fix this as I’ve put a lot of work into that site.

    One thing I might mention, when I goto edit my profile it says Keymaster which I know is related to the forum.

    I downloaded, extracted it and uploaded it to my wordpress root folder.

    You mean you installed bbpress in the SAME folder? Wow.

    Since you said this is all new install – delete everything and start it from scratch. DO not install two applications/software in the same directory – ever.

    I meant the folder was installed into the root folder. So it would look like this I’m not that stupid. 😉



    and it told me to change the database prefix from _bb to _wp which I then did

    I think they’re referring to the bottom portion of the bbpress config file, not the actual prefix for the install.

    You probably ended up overwriting some tables and/or data, it’s hard to say for sure.

    In phpmyadmin did you have tables like _bb or were they all _wp?

    If there are no _bb tables then you probably overwrote some information in the _wp tables…

    Although I’d like this problem to be solved just incase somebody else runs into this, I’ve actually managed to reinstall the whole site and not have any problems. I just installed a new database and converted the data over. So in my case, you could say the topic has been resolved but if it’s something that has happened in the past and someone knows how to fix it (in their case, they could have ALOT of data whilst I had hardly anything) it would come as a very good reference.

    And just to say, I had both wp_ and bb_ database files.

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