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  • Hi guys,

    On my web site I just create a guestbook page, a page where anyone can post a message and anyone can reply. Not very complex, but I used wordpress comments, I add some fields and removed url field to standard comment input on the page.
    Some problems have occurred.
    Since I’m having a lot messages, I had to make a index where there are the last messages, because it was stating to become a mess. ok, I queried the wordpress db with the last messages and I showed the list, but it’s very reductive. I don’t have a real message link to single comments.
    Is there any way to create a single page for every single message? a some kind of forum with wordpress comments, where I can open a specific page for every message and there i can view the replies.
    Or anyone can suggest other ways?
    I hope it is understood, sorry for the bad english, i know..:)

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I think it’s possible. The latest comments will link to your own special comment template, passing the comment ID as an URL parameter.

    Your special template would take the ID passed and determine the top level parent comment for the ID passed. From that parent, it will recursively find all children, then children of children, etc, and construct and output a hierarchical comment thread with the results.

    (btw, I’m always amused by people with perfectly acceptable English skills apologizing for their bad English. Even if it were poor, I’ll never criticize, since my foreign language skills are almost non-existent.)

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