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  • Btw, I have the option checked to allow comments 🙂

    Mmm…I had added this guestbook to my blog and didn’t have that problem. Did ya update the .htaccess file after making the guestbook page? Or follow the new setup instructions for the Guestbook, that she has now? Also, did you use the “Paged Comments” plugin along with her Guestbook setup? Just was wondering…sometimes the smallest things which are overlooked can cause these problems. Anyone else out there have an idea….?


    I have paged comments almost installed… didn’t know i really needed it though.i abandoned that hack as it confused me.her instructions saidd nothing about .htaccess.I guess I’ll go back and try again.It’s been about four hours trying to get this up and running 🙁

    I’m sorry, but I am still confused.

    Do you know of other instruction for this hack because this one says nothing about .htaccess.Also, do I HAVE to use the page views hack? The way she has it written up has confused me and I do hacks quite often on my forum, but I just don’t understand this.

    Lat but not least… do you know of another Guestbook hack.When one doesn’t work, sometimes it’s just best to move on to another.

    Thanks 🙂

    Well, the .htaccess file updating depends sometimes on the permalink setup ya have or what not to, as far as I know. But for the newer/easier guestbook setup…here’s the url for it.

    < -Below here is the instructions she gave recently I believe, from here down -> <- go there, select all the text, copy and paste it into Notepad or Metapad and save as guestbook.php and upload into the default theme (The Theme You’re Using Now) folder.

    2) In your dashboard, go to Write/Page (Which is the Guestbook page if ya made it already….under Manage..)
    3) Under page options, select guestbook under page template
    4) Add a disclaimer or what not to the page.
    5) Volla! Your guestbook is set up and users can start leaving uncategorized messages for you!
    6) Their messages will be posted as comments and will be styled just as the comments on your posts.

    Hope this helps… or do you have a link or contact email for someone to talk ya through it via MSN Messenger or Yahoo or something?


    P.S. As for the Paged Comments plugin, I don’t think you really need it with her Guestbook plugin… it’s just an added feature for it. Most like it though cause it’s nicer for navigating through the guestbook’s posts.. If you don’t feel comfortable adding it, then I wouldn’t lol..

    Okay, I think I have done evrything I am suppose to, but this here is not working right.The instructions are easy enough, but I cannot find this code she speaks of in either my file or the guestbook.php file I made.
    Within the theme folder (where you uploaded comments-paged.php in the previous step), edit any template files that invoke comments_template(),

    Okay, I posted before I saw your post.

    Sorry… I will try again and let you know what happens.

    Thanks for your time and CARE 🙂

    Ok, I guess it was just a matter of downloading and using the default template she created rather the one I created.I assumed I had to create one so it would match my theme… guess I was wrong.

    Thank you for your help spencerp… it’s working perfectly now 😀

    As for the call function for comments_template() which is this:
    < ? php comments_template(); ? > (In all the files of the template you’re using)

    you’d have to replace it with this line of code:
    < ? php if (function_exists(‘paged_comments_template’)) paged_comments_template(); else comments_template(); ? >

    within all the files that you see it, for the template you’re using. When doing that paged comments plugin. I know it can be confusing, but I did all this crap on a test blog before adding it to the main site lol… best way to do it.


    Better rephrase that lmao!!
    Within the theme folder (where you uploaded comments-paged.php in the previous step), edit any template files that invoke < ? php comments_template(); ? > replacing the method call with this line:
    < ? php if (function_exists(‘paged_comments_template’)) paged_comments_template(); else comments_template(); ? >
    Do not edit comments-paged.php with this modification.

    Ok, cool! No problem… =)

    Ok, once again thanks to you spencerp… I found it and I assume it will work if I get enough comments.

    I’m such a NOOB-ie… lol 🙂

    No problem! =)


    Thx for sharing, I installed it already.

    But some problems with my content which add in “write/page”, all words are located at the below of the page. Lower than the comment part.

    How can I change it back to the top? I’ve already follow spencerp’s procedure.

    Here’s my guestbook page:

    I’ll try to help as much as I can lol..but I’m not going to be up much longer. I’m tired as hell hehe. =) Just to throw a few questions at ya first…

    1) Did you add or partial add the Paged Comments plugin to the guestbook?
    2) Did you replace the comments_template call function in all the files of your theme? Cause you only do that when adding the Paged Comments plugin…
    3) Did or are you using the Guestbook template option? ( 3.) Under page options, select guestbook under page template.)
    4) Did you add a form in the Guestbooks page? Before the Guestbooks welcome note? I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it…but just asking questions..

    I see what you are meaning there, and I don’t remember getting such a problem while installing the guestbook on my test blog…mmm…weird. If you didn’t add the Paged Comments plugin BUT did this to all the (Currently used) template files:

    Replaced the < ? php comments_template(); ? > with this:
    < ? php if (function_exists(‘paged_comments_template’)) paged_comments_template(); else comments_template(); ? >

    Go back to all the files you changed and put it back to this:
    < ? php comments_template(); ? >

    Like I said, I’m really not sure what you did lol…so I’m just throwing questions and such. Maybe someone else might be able to help that had the same problem. If I remember right…that’s a newer theme…and not sure if that would even do it.. I dunno… =) Hopefully we’ll get this fixed soon and quick hehe.


    spencerp, thx for your help first!

    (1)(2) I haven’t add the comments plugin, and actually I dunno what it is, so of course I haven’t change any comments call function in all files of my theme.

    (3) Yes, I’m choosing the guestbook template.

    (4) For guestbook.php, I only copy what you have paste before (the .txt you provide), and in write/page, I just typed simple words for simple disclaimer and nothing else, but all the words shown under the comments part.

    So…at last, I think it may have something deal with the theme I’m using…thx anyway, though quite weird now, but the important thing is it can work.

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