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    I’ve been playing with both Co-Authors Plus and I’m stuck trying to get the display behavior I want.

    I’m using the plugin for guest author profiles, not to have multiple authors on posts, and what I’d like is for the author boxes to ONLY appear on posts by guest authors, not by full users (meaning I’m not linking profiles to accounts when they both exist).

    the Genesis Co-Authors Plus plugin hasn’t helped, it makes the author box display for everyone, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to enable author box use in the guest author profile settings.

    Is there a way to do this in Co-Authors Plus, or would that need to be done using Genesis Co-Authors Plus instead?

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  • I figured it out by adding another conditional to Genesis Co-Authors Plus.

    Since I’d set up Co-Authors Plus so that none of my guest authors were linked accounts (to allow for author boxes on original content they’d written vs posting items from news feeds and press releases), all i needed to do was exclude profiles that weren’t guest authors, and presto, authors boxes on guest profiles and no author boxes on user profiles.

    I’m doing the same thing and running into the same issue (while using Genesis theme with Co-Authors Plus and Genesis for Co-Authors plugin.) Wondering if you could be so kind as to post what you added to your functions.php to make it work?

    I didn’t add anything to functions.php; I hacked a mod into the plugin. I figured it was my only course of action with no responses after so long 🙂

    In genesis-co-authors-plus/genesis-coauthors.php, look for the function jg_do_author_box, and you’ll see this line:

    if( ! $author )

    What I did was add this after that return:

    if( $author->type != 'guest-author' )

    Now I’m just waiting to see if there’s an update coming for Co-Authors Plus that will add the Google+ and Twitter author contact info to the guest author profiles when they aren’t linked to standard user profiles.

    Wow, very cool. And thanks for the quick response.

    Someone’s already asked me about Google+ and Twitter fields in the guest author’s profile area too–haha.

    Plugin Author Mohammad Jangda


    For social fields, check out the Social Pack extension:

    Unfortunately that only works for people who have Jetpack installed.

    If you don’t have or don’t want Jetpack installed, you need another solution.

    This works just fine for full user accounts:

    But it doesn’t work for Guest Authors that are not linked to a user profile, nor for Guest Authors that have already been created.

    That’s the situation we need a solution for. Help us, Jangda-wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope! 🙂

    Plugin Author Mohammad Jangda


    Only certain features in Social Pack require Jetpack as they just extend things like Publicize. The profile extensions should work as-is when you activate the plugin.

    If you’re seeing otherwise, that’s something we should fix 🙂

    The description on Github says:

    Co-Authors Plus add-on pack with profile fields for popular social media services and the ability to allow attributing posts to their Authors when shared using Jetpack

    The first few function calls are to Jetpack.

    I’ve tried to install it on a site where I’m using both Co-Authors Plus and Genesis Co-Authors Plus, and it doesn’t add any fields, it doesn’t even show up as anything to be activated, so that’s why I just figured that it won’t work at all without Jetpack installed and active.

    update: okay…. I just downloaded it again and tried it on a different site where I have Co-Authors installed, and the extra fields show up. Weird… now I just have to figure out what’s going on on that first site.

    Now, any way to get that social pack to remove the AIM, Yahoo and Jabber fields? 🙂

    Okay, the social fields are working now with the add-on on several sites except one.

    Maybe change the description on Github to be:

    Co-Authors Plus add-on pack with profile fields for popular social media services PLUS the ability to allow attributing posts to their Authors when shared using Jetpack

    to get rid of the implication that Jetpack is needed for all it’s functions to work?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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