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    Ok, I cannot figure this out for the life of me.

    I want WordPress to allow guests to be able to view page content. As it stands, I can only see page content when I am logged in. Otherwise, I get the header and the footer, but nothing in between. I have traced back every function I can find to allow guests to see content to no avail.

    What the hell am I missing? There has *got* to be some way I have page content displayed for everyone.

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  • Anyone? Please?

    First off please post a link to your site so we can see the behavior your describing.

    The normal way to test for problems is to first disable any plugins you have running, then switch to the default theme that came with WordPress. If things work at that point then you know one of your plugins or the theme you are using is broken.

    Also, make sure that when you write a page or post that you click the “publish” link, not just the “save” link. Save means save a draft of the page, publish means make the page viewable by regular visitors to your site. Go to manage–>page–>and then the page not displaying and see if the publish button is still there, if it is click that and then check to see if it’s visible.

    Well, by default, WP allows anonymous access to content that is Published. Could you list your blog address so we can see the issue at hand?

    The only link that works (at the moment) is the ‘Helpful Information’ link ( It should show a dummy FAQ that I copied from the original site (I’m redoing this site for a client and want to give them the ability to edit pages without having to go thru me).

    I am using a custom theme, but I have tried this reverting back to the original theme with the same results. I also have no plugins enabled, and the page (above) has been published.

    Still stumped.

    I “reinstalled” WordPress and now it works. No idea as I did absolutely nothing different this time, but at least it’s working.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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