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    I don’t have any GTIN options showing in drop down. I also tried installing a plugin that would add these fields, and I entered data into them to see if that would “activate” them, but nothing.. Any chance you can help me?

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  • remymedranda


    Would greatly appreciate your help.

    Plugin Author Auke Jongbloed


    Hello @remymedranda

    I’m sorry i missed your support question!

    As you can understand it is impossible for us to support all third-party attributes plugins, so that is why the “third party attributes” option has been added. It should support any third party plugin, but you need to know the meta_key under which the attributes are stored in the database.

    To find the correct (meta)key:

    1. Create on new product and add a value in the “gtin” custom field.
    2. Check your database and go to table wp_postmeta (with phpmysql for example)
    3. sort the table on meta_id Descending
    4. The top meta_key would be the meta_key from your custom product field.

    If you have found the meta_key, you can make a filter string like %meta_key% (only the prefix of the key) that should be added to the “third party attributes” field you find in our plugin settings page. After that, you should have to search for how it is displayed in the source list as that can vary for each plugin as well.

    We do have our own little helper plugin to add GTIN and other helpfull fields to woocommerce that will show up in the source dropdown of our plugin.

    Thanks for your reply. I installed plugin. Now google is giving me this error:
    Please make sure the value is a valid UPC-A (GTIN-12), EAN/JAN (GTIN-13), or GTIN-14.
    Below are some example items that are affected by this issue.

    What the heck I dont have GTIN for this product. Does it really need to be added? I thought I could submit MPN in place.

    Product keeps getting denied because of this. Would appreciate your help greatly. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Auke Jongbloed


    Use the MPN field for the MPN and do not add the MPN to the GTIN field.
    Check the optional attribute list to add the MPN field to the product feed.

    You can also try setting the identifier_exists to no

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hello @remymedranda,

    Where you able to solve the issue using the advice from Auke? Can we close your topic?

    Yes that resolved the issue. Thank you.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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