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  • Grumpy’s Holy Grail utilizes W-P version 2.5 and is being used for my homepage. It rates an A+++ by me in all categories. I’ve modified the Contempt v2 2.0 by fx with a few things of my own which makes it rather unique. My website is not for everyone but then I designed it to suit just myself. It’s the result of many past websites of mine and I hope the last. At my age, that’s probably a good bet, too. Anyway, enjoy (if you can).

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  • Probably worth mentioning the sites content is a little ‘cheeky’ gmsand 🙂

    I like the design and some of the content is pretty funny to. Probably just be aware that some of the larger images are stuffing your sidebar up though (pushing it down towards the bottom of the page in Internet explorer).

    Well newmomsforum, it’s a little beyond ‘cheeky’. In fact in can get downright lewd at times. But then, I said at the outset that it wasn’t for everybody. I figured most people would naturally assume that it contained at least a tad bit of ‘adult’ content.

    Anyway, I checked out the site in IE7 and don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. It looks fine to me. Using Bill Gates crap can take all the fun out of building websites but I’m sure you must be aware of that. If he’d crawl out of his diamond-studded cave once in awhile and look around, he just might figure out that he’s living in self-imposed exile on his little island in his mind. What a self-important JERK! 🙁 Long live FireFox! The king is dead!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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