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  • I’ve been happily hacking away at my css, adding and subtracting stuff in a lazy “cut and paste” sort of way. Now I’ve got a problem with the page display in FireFox, and I cannot figure out what is causing it.
    In FireFox 0.9.2 if you hover over the <h1> in the Header it throws up a portion of the background logo under the first word in the <h1>. (It looks ok in IE6)
    Can anybody see where the rogue css code is?

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  • It’s not doing it now. Your site looks real good, btw.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    #masthead {
    background: #D9001D url(‘wp-images/wired-in-wairoa.gif’) no-repeat scroll left ;
    Taking ‘scroll left’ out *seems* to do the trick in the FF CSS edit ?

    Wow…. quick replies! …. I’ll follow up now… thanks.

    Pffft. No joy at all. even removing the a=href bit for the <h1> doesn’t work… the background image still pops up if you highlight the text.
    Why the heck do they release these flakey beta browser versions anyway? I mean, IE is so stable and dependable, why doesn’t everybody just use that? 😉

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    LOL …..
    You have this:
    background: #D9001D url(‘wp-images/wired-in-wairoa.gif’) no-repeat scroll left ;
    That should really be more like this:
    background-color: #D9001D;
    background-image: url(‘wp-images/wired-in-wairoa.gif’) ;
    repeat: no-repeat;
    Might this help ?

    yes that scroll left is a bit *unorthodox* :). It seems OK in my FF by the way.

    I’m using fox 0.9 and I don’t see the problem youir talking about. However, when you use a background image, it’s usually a good idea to set the position values as well, that might be why it was shifting around. Also, you should generally use double-quotes around your URL path, so your entire abbreviated background rule would be like…
    background: #D9001D url(“path/filename.gif”) 0 0 no-repeat;
    The first zero (0) is the distance from left, the second is the distance from top. When you declare the position of the image exactly, it tends to keep things from shifting around.

    Just a straight left should be fine. I misread the question earlier. Sorry.

    That’s weird, when I first loaded your page in firefox i didn’t get the problem with the header that you were talking about, but when i went back to it after looking at some of your site, the header problem occurred.

    But Wait, there’s more!
    Jeez. What’s the deal with the flickering reflected adsense ad appearing briefly above it’s proper position when the page is loading? FireFox got issues with IFRAME’s ??? Surely not. Bah! It’s Sunday. I’ll go make some percolated coffee and scones with apricot jam and whipped fresh cream. Maybe that’ll fix it!

    Uuurrrrhhhhh. well I guess you have invalidated the warranty on that template 🙂

    Hmmm…site looks/works fine for me. FF 0.92 on XP Pro.

    Strange how some could see the flicker, and some could not. But I coul, and it drove me nuts… so I stuck the adsense way down the bottom, so at least nobody can see the adsense flicker anymore. Probably don’t notice the ads either, but maybe that’s a good thing. 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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