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  • Hello there,

    I have several groups set up and I am truly relying on your plugin day-by-day – Thank you for such a powerful tool.

    I do have one question/feature request though: What exactly is the meaning of the “Parent Group” in your plugin? Imagine following setup:


    I am controlling page content with

    [groups_member group=”Grp-Child1″]text[/groups_member]
    [groups_member group=”Grp-Child2″]text[/groups_member]
    [groups_member group=”Grp-Child3″]text[/groups_member]

    extension an all is fine, however, one would assume that if I am a member of the “Group-Parent” group then I would see all the text regardless on being a member of the child groups…

    Do I have the wrong assumption here? and if I am wrong then would it be possible to get a “AND, OR” short-code a la:

    [groups_member group=”Grp-Child1″ OR groups_member group=”Grp-Parent” ]
    text intended for both, Child1 Grp and Parent Grp

    Any help is appreciated,

    – Uwe

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  • On the same note as above, if I do following:

    [groups_non_member group=”somegrp”]
    text for non-members of the group
    [groups_member group=”somegrp”]
    text for members of the group

    I get the [/groups_member] tag floating on the page -that ain’t normal. What am I missing

    Never mind post number 2 of mine – I did the silly mistake and closed the shortcut wrong, i.e. used [/groups_member] closing tag for [groups_non_member] shortcut 😉 doh..

    Plugin Author itthinx


    Hi Uwe,

    I just got to see your topic here 🙂 Sorry I haven’t had the time to respond to your last emails yet, will try to get there.

    Is the first post still an issue?


    The first post is an issue for me?

    I’m going to be selling a lot of access products where I need the setup as uwew described. @uwew — if you figured out how to make this work do tell!!!

    [Grp-Parent] <– this is “all access to the series”
    [Grp-Child1] <– like buying a chapter of the series

    What is the intended way to do this? All the display is being done from within short codes such that:

    Welcome to Day 2 of the series!

    This is where day 2 is super awesome let’s go

    [groups_member group = “grp-child2”]

    Restricted content in here.

    [/groups_member group = “grp-Child2”]


    In the scenario above, if the user is logged in and purchased [Grp-Parent] they can access.

    If they purchased only grp-child2, of course they can access.

    If they purchased only grp-child1, they can NOT access….

    How in the world is this set up? It looks like inheritance access goes UP the hierarchy vs. down, so that doesn’t work — you can’t have


    Because I’d need grp-parent to be the child of N number of the Child1, Child2 etc and the plugin only enables grp-Parent to be the child of 1 thing at a time.

    Please help!

    Not sure if this is the intended way… but this does work for anyone else who hits this in their searchin-

    <!– everyone sees this –>
    Welcome to Day 2 of the series!

    This is where day 2 is super awesome let’s go

    <!— here comes the restricted content–>
    [groups_member group = “Grp-Parent,grp-child2”]

    Restricted content in here.

    [/groups_member group = “grp-Child2”]

    So putting the comma in between your GroupNames makes it an OR

    Grp-Parent OR grp-child2 can now access that post.

    You know what is slick? You can use this to create an upsell:

    <!– here comes the restricted content –>
    [groups_member group = “Grp-Parent,grp-child2”]

    Restricted content in here.

    [groups_non_member group=”Grp-Parent”]

    Upsell people who have not yet bought the full course… they have access via grp-child2, but they’ve not yet purchased Grp-Parent… so encourage them to do so.

    if they do have Grp-Parent… then they won’t see what is in here. SWEET!



    [groups_non_member group=”Grp-Parent,grp-child2″]

    Login or buy this thing!


    @kento – pretty flexible architecture… takes a minute to understand it but that’s how it is when things are powerful.

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