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  • dsegelov


    Hi all,

    Can anybody please direct me to plugin/s etc that can help me with the following.

    My company works with local shops, churches, schools and community centres. We set them up as eco-enterprises selling our subscription range of sustainable products.

    I want to be able to create ‘groups’ for each organisation we work with where, individuals can join as members. Once joined to a particular ‘group’ they can subscribe to monthly product packs that they will collect from that organisation’s location.

    There will only be a few subscription products that can be selected, but they will be available at every ‘group.’ Therefore, I would prefer it if I didn’t have to re-create the products for each ‘group’.

    Each group will have it’s own landing page on our website, based on a template I create. This page should have the products/links to the products on it.

    Essentially, we need to have records of all subscribers and their subscriptions, that can be broken down by ‘group’ so that we can ensure each organisation receives the correct stock each month. We also need to display/email them these details so they know who should be picking up what product.

    Should I set up these organisations as posts? groups? affiliates?

    Can anybody advise me on a plugin/plugins that will enable me to create this flow?

    If anyone else has already built this, how did you do it?

    Thanks in advance to all you brilliant people!


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I’m not aware of such a plugin, but then I don’t use many plugins. You could store organisation data either as a user object or custom post type object. What is crucial is how subscribers are related to an organisation. Assuming subscribers are managed as WP users, you can use user meta to manage which organisation each subscriber belongs to. The value stored could be the ID of what ever object you store organisation data in.

    The user list table could be modified to include an organisation column. The column could be made sortable. There’s likely a way to add a filter field or table view items as well. You can add a bulk action that emails a predefined message all selected users. The message can be dynamic to include specifics of the subscriber’s selected organisation.

    No one detail is all that complicated to implement, but there are a number of these details to address. I’ve not actually built something like this, but this is the approach I would take in your situation.

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